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   Ah this feels good.  When I first started this blog I would focus a ton on action films as they were the primary theme of my shirts at the time.  I wanted to share some pretty sweet trailers for some movies that dudes like me should be getting ready to watch.  There are some real doozies coming out, here are a few:

    “Escape Plan” looks amazing.  Not just because it has Stallone and Schwarzenegger together, but also because it looks like it makes no sense at all – and in some spots, looks completely absurd.  All of these ingredients are essentially part of the recipe which is that of, “Awesome”.  Judging from the trailer, Stallone is  a master of breaking out of prisons.  A group of people want him to test this new state of the art facility to see how full proof it is.  He seems to agree to do this in the trailer but then is electrocuted, blindfolded, injected with some unknown substance, and then taken to the super secret, state of the art facility.  This is where it really starts to look ridiculous (as they pan back to get a shot of the awful CGI prison).  Stallone then seems to receive the typical prison welcoming by getting into a scuffle where he then meets the newly jacked up Arnold.  It is then discovered that this was a big ploy to punish Stallone as he essentially falls of the grid.  Action prevails as Arnold and Sly bash there way through security guards that wear masks that look as if they are from mars, while people on the outside try to help as well, one being Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.  The goal?  To break out of this bizarre prison and to get revenge on who set him up. This shit looks totally awesome.

“Alien Uprising” or “U.F.O” is not something that will be in the theaters….ever.  But man, it looks stupid!  The trailer is kind of vague in terms of being able to explain the story in any depth, but basically, all is great for everyone, until the power goes out and of course, random alien mayhem.  If you are an action buff, and have never heard of this….just watch the trailer.  Don’t research it or it will ruin the surprise at the end!

  Finally, the third awesome trailer for movies that I need to see soon, is for this gem.  “Legendary”, aka “Tomb of the Dragon”, stars Dolph Lundgren and Scott Adkins.   If you not familiar with Adkins, he’s a rising action star with his first real U.S. major role being Expendables 2, however he was in a bunch of other sweet movies.  He sort of looks like Ben Affleck if Affleck were an awful actor and could kick peoples asses.
  Travis (Adkins) and his team (I’m guessing they are scientists) travel to China to capture some creature that is said to be tormenting some tiny village.  This creature is of course not something that is supposed to be real, so they have to travel to see it for themselves.  All hell breaks loose when Harker, the legendary bounty hunter, also wants to get his piece of the action!
   I’m seeing a pattern here with these last two trailers…..totally awesome action stars and over the top terrible sci-fi effects.  I know for a fact I’ll be in the theatre for “Escape Plan”.  The other two I will try to see  soon so that I can give my full review on them.  If you have seen any of these, feel free to comment!

Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story

    I have to admit, I’m sort of excited to read Arnold Schwarzenegger’s  new book, “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story” due out on October 1st.  
This is apparently the first step in Arnold’s comeback and is something that he felt he needed to get out before returning full force to the movie scene.  Everyone is well aware that Arnold had an affair with his maid and a kid resulted from it.  In this new book, not only does he go over his incredible rise to fame from the very beginning, but he apparently will be addressing that entire embarrassing situation with the maid.  Quite frankly, I don’t really think its needed.  When it originally happened, you couldn’t go anywhere with a TV and not see something on it.  He handled it correctly at the time, didn’t really address it, and kept quiet.  Like most things, the story fizzled out and it’s not something people really think about.  I’m not sure why he needs to bring it back up, but it will be interesting to see what he has to say. 
   Never-mind the maid story, the rest of the book should be fascinating.  From being born in a small village in Australia, dominating the word of bodybuilding, conquering the movie industry, and then becoming Governor of California-there can’t be a dull moment in this book.  I’ll be ordering it this weekend, I’ll have a review of it once I finish reading it (which may be a bit, I’m not the fastest reader). 

Expendables 2: As good as it gets.

    Tuesday night I went to see Expendables 2, and I have to say…the movie was incredible.  If you go to the theater prepared to pick apart the plot, don’t even bother going.  This movie is not about the art of telling a story nor is it filled with much logic.  It’s not supposed to.  It’s sole purpose, is to kick ass.
    I am not going to give any spoilers, but I did take a few mental notes that were further discussed after the film.

    #1:  Arnold Schwarzenegger looks pretty terrible (old) and as ridiculous as it sounds, he has lost a step or two in the acting category.  The positive from this, is that due to his ridiculous appearance and his awful acting, it made his scenes that much more fun to watch.  He was hilarious.

    #2:  Chuck Norris’s face is made of clay.  It is impossible to guess how old this guy is.  Without giving away too much, his scenes in the movie were also really hilarious and he gives Arnold a run for his money for who can deliver their lines the worst.

    #3:  I’ll admit, when the announcement came that the movie was going to be PG-13, I was pissing and moaning about it every chance I had.  After watching this movie, I left there laughing at how unbelievably screwed up the rating system is.  This movie was violent, if not more violent than the first.  I’ts funny to me how you can show over a hundred people getting killed in numerous ways and its still PG-13, yet whip out a tit and say “fuck” and that’s “R”.  Its insane.

    #4:  If I had to complain about one thing in this film (there’s nothing much to complain about), its that there was not enough of Van Damme.  For being the main villain in the film, he wasn’t in it nearly enough, but the scenes you saw him in, he lights it up.  He is truly one of the greats.

    #5:  Jason Statham is on top of his game.  He was by far the most impressive in this movie.  His fight scenes where incredible and he out-shined the rest of this all star cast with some of the best fight sequences he has ever done.

Bottom line:  Go see Expendables 2.  It deserves to be seen.

Arnold Shirt #3

   It’s Friday!  We have the final shirt for the 3 shirt Arnold t-shirt release this week.  This shirt came out pretty awesome.  Back when we first started doing shirts we had a Terminator shirt that I wasn’t all that nuts about.  I love action films, and if I am going to be paying tribute to some of these masterpieces, it needs to be perfect.  This new Arnold shirt is fantastic and will be a great gift for any fan of the series.  This shirt will be available on our website next week sometime but is available for readers of this blog to order right here first!

Small $17.00 USD Medium $17.00 USD Large $17.00 USD X-Large $17.00 USD XXL $19.00 USD

"Raw Deal" Shirt

   Three new Arnold Shirts come out  this week and we will be rolling them out on the blog first before they become available on the website.  Today’s shirt is the black version of the “Raw Deal” shirt.  This shirt will win over any action fan, especially if they love Arnold movies as you will not find this shirt anywhere else.

Small$17.00 USD Medium$17.00 USD Large$17.00 USD X-Large$17.00 USD XXL$19.00 USD

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