The Greatest Holiday Mug This Season

I forgot I had this blog…..i’ll be honest. There are so many outlets these days online to spread the word, and I basically hate most of them. Something about the blog is still somewhat therapeutic, it allows me to do more than just post pictures of product, or videos of what inspired me to create them. I can yak it up a bit – shoot the shit.

Sometimes in the chaos of life (especially is you’re a parent), it gets hard to find time to get new designs out. I’m a one man operation, so when you get an order from me, or you see the packaging, or the ad or post you saw the product on – that shit’s all me son! Ok maybe around the holidays I get some help from my kid, but it’s mostly me. With 5 online stores to manage, it gets chaotic.

One night my wife and I were changing it up a bit from the usual “sit down and watch tv” routine. We cracked open some wine, put on some tunes, and we each worked on something at the dining room table while chatting. The music selection for the night was 80s/90s duets.

As the wine went down and the tunes kept flowing, somehow we started talking about Van Damme dancing in Kickboxer.

How did I not have something to pay tribute to this iconic action movie scene? It was time to get to work (before I made the unfortunate decision to open another bottle.)

The inspiration for the design was Urban Outfitters. I’m clearly too old to shop there, but as an apparel creator I was heavily influenced by early Urban Outfitters and Dov Charney who created American Apparel (yeah I know he’s a sex pervert, he’s still an apparel genius.)

In the end, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. This shirt/mug collection is awesome, the shirt is insanely soft and the mug will be a favorite for whoever it’s purchased for.

These our now available in all shops! Pick your poison from the list of links below:



Instagram Store

Stay Strong. Treat Yourself. Treat Someone Else, Support Small Business

This stay at home thing is really getting old. Every day is the same, the concept of time no longer exists, and we’ve never watched so much television. One thing is for certain though – every day starts with a hot cup of coffee.

I had a woman contact me last week to make her a men’s shirt design on a women’s tee. In her conversation to me, she expressed genuine excitement for the shirt, but felt an underlying guilt purchasing an item like this while millions are suffering. I totally understood her and often felt similar while buying “non-essentials.”

Being stuck in your house for this long has extreme negative effects, one of them being mental health. People deal with it in different ways depending on severity. The truth is, if you can afford to and you are fortunate enough to be able to, purchasing something for yourself is a good thing. Or you may consider buying for someone else who might be having a tough time, especially if you buy through a small business.

While corporate giants like Amazon have stopped delivering non-essential items quickly, small businesses are eager and motivated to get their products out to you as soon as possible. You are able to help yourself or someone else with a fun, thoughtful gift, while helping struggling small businesses stay alive.

I write this not so that you order from us. We are fortunate enough to be doing OK during this pandemic. I write this so that you order from any small business – both local and online.

A Gigantic “Thank You”!

This has been an awesome year for The Super Sweet Shirt Co.  I wanted to thank everyone who supported this little underground t-shirt store this year, especially during the holidays.

After I take a little break in January, I will be back with more designs and products to make 2019 even better.

Happy Holidays to all, and to all, a sweet shirt!


Free Shipping November!

This is it! The biggest sale I have all year.  Every November I reward my awesome customers with a huge November sale so that they can gear up for the holidays.  This year its free shipping all November which will save you some dough for sure.

Don’t miss out! Sale is currently going on in my Etsy store, Amazon store, and at our main website (which is the cheapest).

The Super Sweet Shirt Co. on HBO’s “Insecure”.

Occasionally this little underground shirt company hits it big in terms of exposure.  It started off with Mario Lopez holding our AC Slater onesie up on a Tampa morning news show.  That one was awesome as I was a pretty big fan of “Saved By the Bell.” Then our “Are You Afraid of the Dark” tee was featured in a Buzz Feed article for 90’s Nickelodeon “must have” items.  This one was so huge that I had to shut down for a day.  This week we were featured in the Season Finale of “Insecure” on HBO, which is a great show if you have never watched it.  The had requested an overnight delivery of our Bruce Leroy Tee.  I had low expectations of it ever showing up on TV, but to my surprise, it made it!  I had noticed an increase in orders, and sure enough it had made it.



The shirt is currently available at our main site, Etsy Shop, eBay store, and now on Amazon.

The David Tee

New design in all shops this week.  I had the idea to do this years ago but kept putting it off.   This week, I decided to go for it.

This amazing Lost Boys Tee is available for both men and women.

So fly over to our website, or the Etsy, eBay, Amazon stores and pick yourself up one of these bad boys!


New Rushmore Onesie and Tee

The problem with getting busy is that it makes it nearly impossible to put out new designs.  I have been wanting to do a Rushmore design for a while.  The hardest part about coming up with new designs is trying to create something different then the others out there.  There are loads of shirts out there with the Rushmore Academy logo on it, but not many for Latin Club.  I saw a bunch for Bee Keepers Club, but not many for Latin.  Max saved Latin.  This shirt deserved to be made.

Now available at our main site, Etsy Shop, eBay Store, and on Amazon – this shirt or onesie would be a great gift for any Wes Anderson or Bill Murray fan.


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