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This week I will be rolling out three new Arnold shirts guaranteed to blow minds! OK, maybe I am exaggerating but they are super cool none the less.  Keep an eye out this week for them as they will be available on this blog to purchase before they even hit our website.  For now, we leave you with this:

The Last of a Dying Breed.

    Often I use this blog to write about completely random things, wether it be my addiction to candy, the beer I am most into, or what I’m doing around the house.  This post is serious and I suggest you have a seat so that you can take all this in.
    I grew up on action films.  It was a fantastic time and I will never forget what I was able to grow up seeing and experiencing.  Things have been ruined with all of the different political groups and everyone wanting laws and regulations for everything imaginable.  When I was young, I could go to the toy store and I could get a toy gun that looked as if I would wipe out an army of scum bag terrorists.  Now you are lucky if you can find a toy gun, and if you do, it’s neon orange or yellow.  I understand why this happened, but it still blows.

What fun is this toy gun if it feels like it should come with a  tutu.

Even the action figures are different.  Sure you have the comic book action figures, which I suppose are the coolest choice nowadays, but when I was young, we had action figures for kids that were amazing.  Action figures based on characters from R-Rated action films.

I loved this toy as a kid.  It was my all time favorite.  I had the mini version and then I also owned the gigantic version.
This was the only picture I could find online of the gigantic 16 inch Arnold.
This was one of my favorite movies as a child.  Every kid had to have this action figure because it was flat out awesome; “Commando” was awesome. Lets take a look at the origin of this kids toy shall we (I didn’t create this video but its pretty awesome)?
I couldn’t get enough of these movies as a kid, as these heroes like Arnold, Stallone, Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, and Van damme – they always stuck with me as being my favorites. 
    Today we are living through the death of the R-rated movie which essentially means the death of really awesome action movies.  What is this post about exactly?  It’s a post about the movie “Safe” starring Jason Statham.  My friend Justin and I went to go see this movie opening weekend.  We support Jason Statham because not only is he a great action star, but the torch was handed to him by the founding fathers of action in the first “Expendables” film.  While we were in the theater, I mentioned to Justin that I was still pissed off at the PG-13 rating that currently hangs over the “Expendables 2” movie coming out this summer.  Justin spoke of the fact that PG-13 is still super violent and that basically its lacks bad language.  At that moment I thought about it, and I agreed.
    An hour and a half later, filled with a nostalgic glee, we left the theater laughing and talking about what we just saw.  What did we see?  An absolutely awesome, balls out, no holds barred, action film.  This is something I have not seen in a theater for as long as I can remember.  Yeah I know, “The Expendables” was an action film, and yes it was great, but its a novelty act.  This movie was for real, and it was awesome.  My stance on the PG-13 not making much a difference accept for the language, had totally changed.  It had been so long since I had seen a real action film on a big screen that didn’t care about a rating, and the difference was clear to me.  The film was violent and it had bad language, which are essential in maximizing the fun of a straight up action film.  
   Statham plays an ex-cop/cage fighter who is pretty much the toughest guy ever.  Without giving anything away, he finds himself down on his luck and forced to be homeless. It is here he gets himself caught up in protecting a little Asian girl he finds in the Subway that is running from multiple criminal organizations because she is a math genius and has memorized a super long number containing the combination of a safe.  The movie is an hour and half of Statham protecting this girl by means of murdering criminals, point blank, in broad daylight, in large crowds of people.  It is absolutely awesome.  If you are a fan of action movies, especially old school action movies, get to the movies before this leaves because films like these are few and far between these days on the big screen.  Statham continues to carry the dwindling torch of a dying era.


2012 Site Design and some random notes…

    I’ve decided to change up the main website over at .  There are no visible changes yet, but soon I will have them published.  Every year I change it up, it’s nothing major, I just need to keep things fresh.  I started redesigning some things today.
    Now, for some random ramblings.  We watched “50/50” last night.  It was great and I am a gigantic baby.  If you are unfamiliar with this movie, it stars Seth Rogan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  The film is about two friends, one of which (Levitt) is diagnosed with a rare for of cancer; a tumor near his spine.  Sounds depressing?  It totally is and I was sobbing like a baby.  I’m not good at holding back tears during super sad movies which is why I hate watching them, but this one I took exception to.  It is definitely worth watching and probably a breakout performance for (Levitt) who seems to get more impressive as an actor every time I see him.

Now it’s time to rant about Chuck Norris.  I respect Chuck Norris, he is a legendary action hero.  As you may have heard, The Expendables 2 is PG-13 because Chuck Norris has a problem with language.  From what I have read, Stallone insists that it’s just the language that was cut out, and that its still an ass kicking action film.  And sure, the DVD will probably be more violent or there will be some sort of director’s cut, and that’s fine.  I still have a problem with Chuck Norris throwing his weight around, protecting his “brand”.  First off, young kids are no longer looking up to him, I’m not sure who he is protecting here.  His brand spawned from an ongoing joke about how he’s the toughest man on earth.  After this stunt, he is forever tarnished in my eyes.  There are plenty of dudes that could kick his ass. Dudes like:

Arnold and Carl Weathers could kick his ass.  I mean look at this.


Dolph Lundgren could kick Chuck Norris’s ass.  I didn’t see Chuck Norris cast as “He-Man”, that’s because he doesn’t have what it takes.

Bolo. (No words are needed here)

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