Bronson Shirt!

   I am getting more and more excited as I have finished the rough draft for my screen.  Its almost done, I just need to do some cleaning up on photoshop.  I decided to go the route of my Vulcan shirt where I have something straight to the point below the famous vigilante: Justice.  I’m very anxious to get the screen done for this and to get this onto a shirt as soon as possible!


Morrissey Onesie

    Now that we have our new blog I am able to show more of the creative process behind some of the shirt/onesie designs we come up with here.  Originally I wanted to so a Morrissey baby onesie because the idea of someone so dramatic and overly emotional on a baby amused me.  I love the Smiths so this was something I wanted to pursue. I started my basic sketch and then gave it some ink and the overall image i was very happy with.

    When I was finished my amazing girlfriend recommended adding the lyric “Please, please, please let me get what I want.” which I viewed as nothing short of brilliant.  I decided to go with an average looking handwritten style cursive and this was the finished product:


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