Evil Dead Ash Toddler Tee

   A new addition to the toddler shirt collection!  I tried something new with this one by putting this design on an American Apparel striped shirt.  It pretty much looks bad ass.  Any parent that was a big fan of this movie would probably love their kid walking around hailing to the king.

This has been added to our eBay store, Etsy shop, and at Supersweetshirts.com .  All of our stuff is marked down in all shops for the holidays up until the end of November, so don’t miss out on the lowest prices.  Our main site always has the best deals and most current designs.

Hail to the king baby….

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New Tribute to Evil Dead!

   We have a new shirt out this week and I totally love it.  Carrying on the new goal in 2013 of thinking outside the box when designing new shirts, this Evil Dead shirt came to me in a dream, literally.  I woke up, had the image and placement on the shirt embedded in my head, and I went to work that night.  The image is actually from Army of Darkness, but regardless, I love the result.

This shirt is available in our Etsy store and our eBay store.  I’d normally say that it will be available at our website within a couple of days, but I’m super behind updating the official web store (It’s getting there!)


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