For all Adult fans of "Road House"…

   Like I said in the previous post for the “Road House” onesie, my goal for a while was to design a pretty sweet T-Shirt for this movie.  I started with the onesie because I had an idea what I wanted to do for that, but the shirt was still up in the air.  Browsing the google images for Swayze, I found a picture that I liked and figured I could do something to.  The end result…totally sweet:

This is available in our Etsy, eBay, and website!  Remember, prices are the lowest on our website because we don’t get slapped with fees!

New Danny Trejo Shirt!

   2013 is going to be different in terms of the direction we are going in with our shirts.  I wanted to take the next step in becoming more unique, doing things with our designs that you don’t see anywhere else.  all of our shirts are screen printed to order which means that when you order a shirt, we are not just grabbing it out of a box and mailing it, each shirt is printed to order and some of the artsier designs are truly unique.  This week I am rolling out two new designs, starting with the Danny Trejo.

Danny Trejo is a straight up, legitimate bad ass and we felt that he deserved to be the subject of our line of action tribute shirts.  This shirt will be the ultimate conversation piece at any social gathering.  This has been listed in our Etsy and eBay stores and will be up on the main website in a few days.

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