Happy Friday Beer Review: Victory Baltic Thunder Porter

    I leave for California tomorrow for a week so blogging may be sporadic but I fully intend to document my trip and the beers I have while I am there regularly with the blogger mobile app.  I am looking forward to it but I’m also looking forward to getting back to shirt business and reopening my shops.
    Last night I sat down after a long day in the office with the Victory Baltic Thunder Porter.  I decided to take a break from reviewing I.P.A.’s and to try something that I don’t normally drink.  Victory has come a long way with their beers.  I remember attending a Victory tap takeover maybe 5 years ago in Rochester, NY and not being very impressed.  A little less than a year ago I had attended another Victory tap takeover and the beer was very good, particularly the Hop Devil.

    When I opened the bottle there was a definite, delicious, smokey aroma. When pouring into a glass, it’s color was a deep, dark, brown with a nice darker thick head that quickly dwindled to nothing after a few minutes.  I tasted hints of fruits, but was mostly a roasted malty flavor.  The alcohol percentage of this beer is 8.5% which was surprising because it didn’t at all have a taste that would have indicated this. It was a very smooth and filling beer.  Overall, while this wouldn’t be something I would seek out, it was a beer that I did enjoy but would not be at the top of my list of Porters.

Rating:  7.5/10
ABV: 8.5%


             For about 7 years I’ve have been stuck screen printing clothing out of my apartment, all too small to be performing such work in. Unsightly ink smudges all over the sink with screens and paper towel everywhere, after while it can drive someone nuts (my girlfriend).  Well, it looks like that’s all about to change as we are about to buy a house.

           After looking at a handful of houses that were just not for us, and one house that I was actually angry that they had the nerve to show us, this old house above ended up being the one that we both fell in love with.  It was built in 1880 and is loaded with potential but we all know potential means tons of work.  We decided to go with the 203k FHA loan which basically lets us take out extra money in  the mortgage so that we can make repairs, which in this case is the non-existent kitchen and the awful, unfinished, bathroom.  There is some sagging in the house from it being so old and our inspector also noticed some support beams in the basement that were unacceptable.  The original beams were rotted out completely and were no longer holding up the house like they were supposed to.  So with that information, we held our firm position in that we were not going to get the house unless the buyer repaired the beams.  Our overaggressive and sometimes offensive buyers agent went in full swing and before we knew it, the posts were already being repaired.  We go and look at the finished work Tuesday so we will see if they are done correctly.  The same people that did work on the rest of the house are fixing the posts which is sort of unnerving because the other work they did was terrible.  We shall see!  Can’t wait to fix up the new Super Sweet Shirt, Co. studio!

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