Animal House Inspired College Toddler Shirt!

New item this week at  I’ve been wanting to create a toddler version of this shirt for quite some time.  This week I finally got around to it, trying to replicate the shirt in the film as good as I possibly could.  The end result was fantastic!

This shirt is now available in our eBay store, Etsy Shop, and at “Toga! Toga!”

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Shirt

    Another new shirt out this week as I strive to get a few new items out before the holiday rush.  This Mystery Science Theatre 3000 inspired shirt would be an awesome gift for any fan of the show.  We have made this available in both American Apparel Creme and Standard Gildan off-white/creme.  This has been posted in our Etsy, eBay, and website at .  Remember, the lowest prices are always on our website!

New Steve Martin Shirt

    The other day I was doing some work, and all of a sudden I started laughing randomly, by myself.  Random thoughts sometimes pop into my head, this time that thought was from “The Jerk”.  This scene in particular is what I am referring to:

I decided it was time to pay tribute to Steve Martin with this shirt!

This shirt is now available in our Etsy and eBay shops and should be up on the site sometime next week.

New Shirt!

    Last nights dinner recipe turned out to be a disaster.  Here is a rule you should always follow, if you have a chili recipe that you normally use, and its good, don’t mess around with another one.  I found a Weight Watcher recipe online for chili, and at first glance, it looked like it would be pretty good.  It was really bad.  Nicole and I felt as if we were sitting at the table eating a bowl of average pasta sauce.  So instead of talking food, I’m sticking in a cheap plug for the new “Strange Brew” shirt!

    This turned out to be one of my favorite shirts.  I didn’t even plan on making this shirt, I was simply sitting around, waiting for the work day to end so that I could sip on a fine brew when this movie sort of popped into my head.  This shirt is now available in our Etsy site and our eBay store.


New Shirt and Onesie!

    This week I have released a bunch of new items.  The first is the new “Three Amigos” shirt.  Like many people my age, I loved this film as a kid.  It was and continues to be a legendary comedy with some of the greatest comedic actors.  I wanted to pay tribute to this film with a work of art on a T-shirt.

This shirt has been made available in our Etsy Shop and our eBay store, both links to the store are along the right side of the blog.  It will be on our main site at sometime next week and has also been made available for purchase right here!

Small $17.00 USD Medium $17.00 USD Large $17.00 USD X-Large $17.00 USD XXL $19.00 USD

Bill Hicks Onesie!

We have yet to pay tribute to any of the great comics of stand-up. With so many legends to choose from, I thought we’d go straight to the outlaw himself, Bill Hicks. This onesie will be a hit with any fan of comedy having a baby. This is available this week on our blog exclusively and then added to our website next week.

Sizes and Styles
Long Sleeve 0-3 Months $11.00 USD Long Sleeve 3-6 Months $11.00 USD Long Sleeve 6-9 Months $11.00 USD Long Sleeve 12 Months $12.00 USD Long Sleeve 18 Months $12.00 USD Short Sleeve 0-3 Months $11.00 USD Short Sleeve 3-6 Months $11.00 USD Short Sleeve 6-9 Months $11.00 USD Short Sleeve 12 Months $11.00 USD Short Sleeve 18 Months $11.00 USD

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