Flash Auctions!

   I’ve started listing random items in our eBay store in auction format starting at 99 cents!  The items are completely random as they are just things we have extra laying around.  All items are brand new.  Every day there will be some new ones listed so the easiest way to not miss out, is to follow our store on eBay.

Netflix Alert: "Messenger of Death"

    There are some beauties on Netflix this month.  Here is one from one of my favorite actors of all time, Charles Bronson.  I have seen most of his films but somehow missed this one.  “Messenger of Death” is the story of this family in a private Mormon community that was was slaughtered by two evil and mysterious visitors wielding shotguns.  They destroy 3 women and 6 little children.  Like most Bronson movies, there isn’t much left for the imagination in this brutal scene (although they spare you the imagery of the kids actually getting hit with bullets).  Bronson plays a station wagon driving (with wood paneling) reporter who covers the story, and (big shocker) decides to take matters into his own hands.

    Like most Bronson movies, the police fail to handle the case correctly due to the laws holding them back. In this case, they have to release the prime suspect from custody unless they planned on charging him with something, plus they say that the crime was outside their jurisdiction (which is kind of hilarious because they worked the crime scene.)  Of course Bronson thinks all of this is bullshit.  Even though Bronson knows the prime suspect they let go isn’t the killer, he is convinced that its one of two Mormon brothers, both blaming each other for the crime.  Bronson eventually gets wrapped up in trying to prevent a group of angry Mormons from hunting down who they believe committed this crime.  Things heat up when an elaborate scheme starts to unfold revealing the real motive behind all that has taken place.  
    Not my favorite Bronson movie by no stretch, but definitely not a stinker.  I think my problem with the movie was just that Bronson was way to laid back in this.  He lacked the bad ass element and horrible dialog that he was known for, especially for being a Cannon release which was known for being his worst (best) work.
    Perhaps the icing on the cake in this movie, is when a character during a fairly climatic scene puts a gun up to his temple and pulls the trigger which results in a bang, s teeny puff of smoke, and perhaps the weakest bullet on earth as it doesn’t exit his head.  One of the more ridiculous scenes I’ve encountered in a movie.  You still get to see a few classic Bronson hand to hand combat scenes so the movie doesn’t totally disappoint.  This is one to watch on a lazy Sunday.  Not a classic, but enjoyable.
One of two Bronson Shirts on our website

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Top Rated Seller!

    Just a few more days and this blog will be back to normal.  This holiday season was crazy, but overall, it was not only the best year we have had, but the most successful.  If your not familiar with eBay’s “Top Seller” program, it was changed last summer and has become a gigantic pain in the ass.  The requirements to be a considered this were pretty difficult to meet, but we rocked the orders out this Holiday season with great success and we were given that title once again on eBay!

I’m looking forward to getting back to business here at supersweetshirts.com.  Stay tuned, things should be back to normal after the holidays. Stay Safe!

Be Safe!

    The Super Sweet Shirt Co. Would like to wish everyone a safe Holiday!  Don’t forget about Friday’s Black Friday Sale for free shipping on all items domestic!  This is only at our eBay store and our Etsy store!  “Like” us on Facebook for coupon codes and details!

Super Sweet Shirt Co, News

  At 5pm we will be closing the etsy and ebay stores for 7 days because I am going out of town starting Friday.  We will reopen those two shops on Wednesday, May 11.  The website itself will have an alert on the main page and I will be answering emails while I am away so any questions will be answered as always.  Thanks!

Some news….

   The eBay store has been overhauled and now has the feature to actually select a size instead of emailing me with a size after the purchase has been made.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much easier this will make things.  It is amazing how many people will order a shirt not knowing what size they are ordering, and just assuming I know which one they need.  Those days are over, now they can select the size and I will get it.
    My girlfriend Nicole has been jobless for a few months because she had been laid off and things were getting tough.  Not in our relationship or anything like that, but more her morale had been down from not being able to find a job.  Today she accepted a job offer in her field and things are now on the upswing. Tonight we are going to see a film downtown about the people from Burma moving to Buffalo.  We are really interested in seeing this movie because we actually live in the area  that they are all moving to.

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