Music Review: Bring Me The Horizon: "Sempiternal"

    I was pretty excited to hear this album, after really only being introduced to them last year in my quest to broaden my music listening horizon.  What I loved about this band is that they were fearless in combining brutal metalcore with some really progressive electronics, really setting them apart from other bands.  Their album, “There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret” was brilliant, bordering on insane.  With that being said, I’ve listened to “Sempiternal” about three times in a row, uninterrupted, and I can’t tell if I like it.  I can’t tell if its a step back, or a huge step forward.  The composition is brilliant as per usual, the music as well, however if the brutal edge was what drew you to this band, this album lacks that element.  Some of the songs almost mirror 30 seconds to Mars….I’m not joking.  Not that it’s a bad thing, its just not what you would expect.  You can hear what I mean in “Sleepwalkers”.  There are even songs where they sound just like Linkin Park.  If you were to play me “Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake” without me knowing who it was, I’d probably guess it was a new Linkin Park song.  I won’t say the album is terrible because its far from that.  It’s just not something I’d probably seek out.  Definitely worth a listen to.

I’m interested in hearing peoples thoughts/comments on this album. Feel free!

New Music

   I rarely post music reviews, mainly because I normally hate anything new coming out.  I come from an era of amazing music so the bar is pretty high.  Over the last few months I’ve made a focused effort to research new bands, listen to new albums in their entirety, and discover numerous “similar artists” along the way.  Like many people, I am a subscriber to Spotify which makes it easy to “star” new music that I like so that I can revisit them.  As of late, there are two bands/albums that have been getting played almost every day for a few weeks now, so I figured I’d write about them.

The first album:

  Heartsounds are freaking awesome.  I can’t stop listening to this cd.  It is pure 90’s Epitaph punk at it’s best and happen to be on the Epitaph label as well.  I find that many times they sound just like “No Use For a Name”.  Great melodic punk loaded with technical riffs speed.  This band is awesome and their video for “Unconditional” off their most recent album “Drifter”, is awesome/hilarious.  

The second album:

The Menzingers are from Scranton, PA and are another Epitaph band.  I actually found both bands together at the same time.  This band is great as well, offering a softer sound with more of an indy touch.  They still have a great punk edge and often remind me of Alkaline Trio.  The most recent album, “On the Impossible Past” is 13 songs total, and maybe 2 songs from being a perfect album.  It’s pretty good.  

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