New shirt #2

    This is the second shirt we are releasing this week.  The suggestion came from an email from a customer on Etsy who noticed our “Cobra” onesie and asked us if we had an adult shirt version.  It was something that I had meant to do but had totally forgotten about it.  It is now done and it came out great!  This is also available in our Etsy and eBay shops and will be on the main site in a few days.  We have also made it available here on our blog as well.

Small $16.00 USD Medium $16.00 USD Large $16.00 USD X-Large $16.00 USD XXL $17.00 USD

Expendables 2: As good as it gets.

    Tuesday night I went to see Expendables 2, and I have to say…the movie was incredible.  If you go to the theater prepared to pick apart the plot, don’t even bother going.  This movie is not about the art of telling a story nor is it filled with much logic.  It’s not supposed to.  It’s sole purpose, is to kick ass.
    I am not going to give any spoilers, but I did take a few mental notes that were further discussed after the film.

    #1:  Arnold Schwarzenegger looks pretty terrible (old) and as ridiculous as it sounds, he has lost a step or two in the acting category.  The positive from this, is that due to his ridiculous appearance and his awful acting, it made his scenes that much more fun to watch.  He was hilarious.

    #2:  Chuck Norris’s face is made of clay.  It is impossible to guess how old this guy is.  Without giving away too much, his scenes in the movie were also really hilarious and he gives Arnold a run for his money for who can deliver their lines the worst.

    #3:  I’ll admit, when the announcement came that the movie was going to be PG-13, I was pissing and moaning about it every chance I had.  After watching this movie, I left there laughing at how unbelievably screwed up the rating system is.  This movie was violent, if not more violent than the first.  I’ts funny to me how you can show over a hundred people getting killed in numerous ways and its still PG-13, yet whip out a tit and say “fuck” and that’s “R”.  Its insane.

    #4:  If I had to complain about one thing in this film (there’s nothing much to complain about), its that there was not enough of Van Damme.  For being the main villain in the film, he wasn’t in it nearly enough, but the scenes you saw him in, he lights it up.  He is truly one of the greats.

    #5:  Jason Statham is on top of his game.  He was by far the most impressive in this movie.  His fight scenes where incredible and he out-shined the rest of this all star cast with some of the best fight sequences he has ever done.

Bottom line:  Go see Expendables 2.  It deserves to be seen.

2012 Site Design and some random notes…

    I’ve decided to change up the main website over at .  There are no visible changes yet, but soon I will have them published.  Every year I change it up, it’s nothing major, I just need to keep things fresh.  I started redesigning some things today.
    Now, for some random ramblings.  We watched “50/50” last night.  It was great and I am a gigantic baby.  If you are unfamiliar with this movie, it stars Seth Rogan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  The film is about two friends, one of which (Levitt) is diagnosed with a rare for of cancer; a tumor near his spine.  Sounds depressing?  It totally is and I was sobbing like a baby.  I’m not good at holding back tears during super sad movies which is why I hate watching them, but this one I took exception to.  It is definitely worth watching and probably a breakout performance for (Levitt) who seems to get more impressive as an actor every time I see him.

Now it’s time to rant about Chuck Norris.  I respect Chuck Norris, he is a legendary action hero.  As you may have heard, The Expendables 2 is PG-13 because Chuck Norris has a problem with language.  From what I have read, Stallone insists that it’s just the language that was cut out, and that its still an ass kicking action film.  And sure, the DVD will probably be more violent or there will be some sort of director’s cut, and that’s fine.  I still have a problem with Chuck Norris throwing his weight around, protecting his “brand”.  First off, young kids are no longer looking up to him, I’m not sure who he is protecting here.  His brand spawned from an ongoing joke about how he’s the toughest man on earth.  After this stunt, he is forever tarnished in my eyes.  There are plenty of dudes that could kick his ass. Dudes like:

Arnold and Carl Weathers could kick his ass.  I mean look at this.


Dolph Lundgren could kick Chuck Norris’s ass.  I didn’t see Chuck Norris cast as “He-Man”, that’s because he doesn’t have what it takes.

Bolo. (No words are needed here)

Totally Amazing Fashion for the Holidays

   I know, I know.  Why would I promote other clothing when I have my own shirts to sell?  These things can’t be ignored.  Some of them are simply breathtaking.  I have a respect for clothing design and fashion.  I’m not talking about Marc Jacobs.  I’m talking about something that is truly cutting edge.  I’m talking about something daring.  I’m talking about these:

The Captain America Hoodie at is stunning.  I don’t believe I’ve seen something this fantastic before.  Actually no, I can think of one other thing that’s on par with being as amazing as this

Another hoodie because its that time of year.  This Superman hoodie is more my style although not as cool of an idea as the Captain America hoodie.  I love the art on the hood, although I don’t love it as much as this…

Yellow Rat Bastard out of NYC has some great shirts, although can be a bit pricey.  I’m a fan of this old school Action Comics Superman shirt.  A lot of comic book shirts are tacky and loud but this shirt is pretty awesome. 

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