Saturday November 1st: Annual Holiday Sale!

Throw a notification in your phones for November 1st!  All items will be on sale in our shops.  The sale will be running all November to reward early shoppers!  Don’t miss out on $10.00 onesies, $14.00 toddler shirts, and adult shirts starting at 15.00!  This is the only time we have a sale this big because our regular prices are already so low.  Don’t wait until the last minute!

New Roadhouse Onesie!

    Oh man, its been a while since I’ve had enough time to put out a new design.  I still don’t really have “time” but I forced this in.  One of my favorite films ever growing up is, “Roadhouse”.  I watched this movie at an age where it was probably totally unacceptable, but hey I turned out fine.  Needless to say, this became one of my all time favorites and can basically recite the dialog throughout the entire film.  A “Roadhouse” inspired garment has always been on my list of things to make, but could never think of what exactly I wanted to do.  So after some thought, I figured a bouncer shirt for an infant would be awesome.

This is now available on our website at .  Great holiday or shower gift!

I’m back!

    Things have been crazy heading into the Thanksgiving weekend.  With orders coming in and family visiting, it was impossible to stay current on here.  The holiday has come and gone, so I now have a little time to ramble.  I have some pics from the family gathering we had here the day before Thanksgiving.  It was our first little party we’ve had since owning the house and it turned out great.

Our dog Ric (left) loves hanging out with my parents dog.
I made two pizzas for the gathering, a Buffalo Chicken pizza and a Mediterranean Pizza.

This is the Mediterranean pizza.  I had to remove the tomatoes to get it onto the stone because it was too heavy and I was short on corn meal.

Once I had it on the stone, I was able to complete the toppings.

The Buffalo Chicken pizza was my favorite.  Fresh crumbly blue, cooked chicken, and fresh mixed wing sauce, this is always a favorite.

Ric and I both decided to wear Holiday sweaters, only he wasn’t excited…

I posted this even though its blurry just so you can see my new Holiday sweater.

Be Safe!

    The Super Sweet Shirt Co. Would like to wish everyone a safe Holiday!  Don’t forget about Friday’s Black Friday Sale for free shipping on all items domestic!  This is only at our eBay store and our Etsy store!  “Like” us on Facebook for coupon codes and details!

Busy Busy!

    Christmas orders are starting to come in. Don’t forget to get your orders in as soon as possible to ensure that it arrives on time!  This is my favorite time of year, not just because we get busy, but because I love the holidays,  cookies, snow, tacky lights, gifts, and booze.  I also love special Holiday clothes….like this:

I bought this.  It hasn’t arrived yet….but I keep checking!
  I’m pretty much going to look amazing wearing this.  I will be sure to post a picture as soon as I get it!

Victor PTSA Arts & Craft Show

   This weekend is the first of our two shows heading into the holiday season.  This Saturday from 9am-4pm, Super Sweet Shirts will be selling onesies and T-shirts at the Victor PTSA Arts an Craft show.  We will have a wide variety on hand including some of our more popular designs.  Get there early because we have limited stock.  If we run out of an item that you want, you will be able to order there and get free shipping.  Don’t miss it!

Victor PTSA Arts and Crafts Show
100 High Street
Victor, NY

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