"Bill…..It’s your baby…"

    I’m pretty excited about this latest addition to my catalog of baby clothes.  As stated in an earlier post, I recently saw the “Kill Bill” movies about 2 weeks ago for the first time.  I’m not sure why it took me so many years to see them, but I loved them.  I started brainstorming ideas for baby clothes and it wasn’t long before I came up with this.  The original plan was to find full body pajamas but I was unsuccessful.  Option #2 was going to be a yellow romper.  I was able to do this.  I wanted it to sort of look like the yellow outfit from the movie, or at least look like that was the purpose of the color selection.  I came up with this:

This is available in all our eBay, Etsy, and of course at supersweetshirts.com

Random News Update!

  I’ve been crazy busy the past few weeks, so I haven’t had much time to update this blog!  A few notes:

1) We are already into September!  Less than 4 months until Christmas!  Every order we have been sending out since the summer has has an included coupon code as a “thanks.”  Keep these handy as they can be used this holiday season!

2) Years ago we used to do a yearly holiday Indie shopping show in Rochester, NY.  I haven’t done one in a few years now because we have been so busy each holiday, but this year I might be squeezing one in, which will be in Buffalo, NY.  I’ll know more on this if we get “accepted” into the show.  It’s not something I need to do, and I’m sure I’ll kick myself for doing it because it gets so busy, but it’s great to get out and see the people who buy from us! I miss it.

3) It’s 2014, and yesterday I watched “Kill Bill” for the first time.  I’m not sure why it took me so long to see it, but I’ll definitely be working on some Kill Bill shirt art, hopefully soon!

Stay Tuned!

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