Toddler Tee Explosion! #3: Road House Shirt

    The entire time I was making this shirt, I had the biggest grin on my face.  Everything about this shirt is RIDICULOUS.  A toddler strutting around daycare wearing a shirt with Patrick Swayze on it….priceless.  Well, not priceless, but $15.00!
    This shirt is printed on a 100% soft cotton toddler tee from American Apparel.  It is now available in our Etsy Shop, eBay Store, and

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Karate Kid Miyagi-Do New Onesie!

It’s been a while since I had some new onesies to debut.  Over the next few weeks I will have a bunch coming out.  The first onesie that I am releasing is another Karate Kid Onesie.  Before this I only had this item:

   Now you can dress your kid like a hero with the new Miyagi-Do onesie.  I had always wanted to do a print involving the Miyagi-Do logo.  This onesie came out awesome and whether you buy this for your kid, or a gift for someone elses, everyone will love this.

This is available in our Etsy, eBay, and main website at where you will get the lowest price.  Follow us on Instagram for a coupon code to use at our main website.

Netflix Alert: "Miami Connection" – Possibly the best "worst" film ever.

    Sometimes the new kid sleeps on my chest, one of the things I love to do with the new spawn.  Every time she falls asleep on my chest, I fire up the Netflix and watch something totally sweet.  Normally I’d feel somewhat guilty wasting time doing this, but in these cases, “I have to”, right?
    This time, I watched a film I had read a ton about, “Miami Connection.”  The story behind this film (correct me if I’m wrong) is that it was made in the 80’s and but then wasn’t really seen for decades until Drafthouse Films took the film and restored it for blue ray release in 2012.  Here is the plot description from IMDB:

A martial arts rock band goes up against a band of motorcycle ninjas who have tightened their grip on Florida’s narcotics trade.”

I was hooked on this movie after the first few minutes.  It was so terrible, that I loved every second of it.  The music, the costumes, the terrible acting-this movie had everything.

One of my favorite lines in the movie came after a scene where this guy and his goons were trying to get the martial arts rock band, “Dragon Sound”, to stop playing the club.  They of course got their asses kicked so they went to this other guys clubhouse (which appeared to be just a gym/dojo) to ask for their assistance and to strike a deal with him and his gang.  After they make a deal, the guy tells him:

“One more thing I should warn you about.  These guys are black belts at Tae Kwon Do and are pretty bad.”

I nearly pissed myself

This movie is a riot, and when the Black Belt Band plays their music, you get full performances.  Normally I’d be annoyed with something like this, but in this case, you can’t wait until you get to hear the next song! The band plays full performances shirtless with Karate pants and black belts.  It’s unreal and I suggest you watch it now!

First the trailer:

A few clips from this masterpiece:

New Roadhouse Onesie!

    Oh man, its been a while since I’ve had enough time to put out a new design.  I still don’t really have “time” but I forced this in.  One of my favorite films ever growing up is, “Roadhouse”.  I watched this movie at an age where it was probably totally unacceptable, but hey I turned out fine.  Needless to say, this became one of my all time favorites and can basically recite the dialog throughout the entire film.  A “Roadhouse” inspired garment has always been on my list of things to make, but could never think of what exactly I wanted to do.  So after some thought, I figured a bouncer shirt for an infant would be awesome.

This is now available on our website at .  Great holiday or shower gift!

Movie Review: "Hard Boiled"

    After my action rant recently, I had stumbled upon a few cool blogs from dudes that are really into action films: and , who refers to himself as the “Direct to Video Connoisseur” (I am jealous of that amazing title).  These blogs are loaded with information on great action films.  It was on the first blog listed that I came across their 2011 list of the greatest action films of all time.  Way down at the #1 spot was John Woo’s “Hard Boiled”.  I had never heard of this film being primarily a fan of domestic action films.  I had only little experience with director John Woo from Van Damme’s “Hard Target”.  I loved “Hard Target” and after reading other reviews for “Hard Boiled”, I had to see what the fuss was all about.  Sure you can go anywhere to find a review of this film, but I think you will find my take a little different.
    The film stars Chow Yun-fat who plays “Tequila” who is a cheesy, over the top, cop who’s partner is killed in a gang shootout.  One of the gang’s high ranked members is an undercover cop named Tony who teams up with Tequila to take out the crime syndicate.  The film builds up to an ultimate showdown at a hospital where they both need to fight an army of gangsters by themselves, while rescuing innocent civilians and all of the babies.
   Now before I get into what makes this movie awesome, lets take a peek at other movies that came out in 1992 in terms of action films:

Rapid Fire
Under Siege
Lethal Weapon 3
Universal Solder

By looking at this list from 1992, you can also get an idea of what has already been released prior. Maybe I’m not quite understanding why people consider this the greatest action film ever made?  If the reason is that the movie is so awesomely terrible and unintentionally hilarious, then I can agree.  Here is something that made me laugh out loud; a little taste:

This is just a sample of the things that made me laugh loudly.  Among other things were men on motorcycles that would explode after being shot and the undercover agent, Tony, getting shot point blank in the back with a shot gun from 4 feet away, not even phasing him as he manages to take out a bunch of gangsters and then goes to the hospital to reveal a very minor looking back injury.  There was also repeated use of the curse word “effing”.  Every other swear word in the book was in the movie so when multiple characters said “effing”, it made me laugh.  There was also a scene where Tequila bursts into the Police superintendent’s office with a sketch of a suspect yelling and demanding to know who the person was.  The suspect drawing was possibly the worst thing I had ever seen, mostly because it didn’t at all resemble anyone in the movie.

“Who is this super generic picture of!”

All kidding aside,….ok maybe just one more:

All kidding aside, the action scenes were good in the movie, but legendary and amazing? No way.  If the movie were made in 1982, I would have thought it was pretty amazing, but this movie looked super cheesy and low rent in comparison to what had been already made leading up to 1992.  Legendary, this movie is not.  Do I suggest watching it? Yes, its a fun movie to sit through and poke fun at.  Will I be pushing for a Chow Yun-fat t-shirt to be made?  Indeed.

The Last of a Dying Breed.

    Often I use this blog to write about completely random things, wether it be my addiction to candy, the beer I am most into, or what I’m doing around the house.  This post is serious and I suggest you have a seat so that you can take all this in.
    I grew up on action films.  It was a fantastic time and I will never forget what I was able to grow up seeing and experiencing.  Things have been ruined with all of the different political groups and everyone wanting laws and regulations for everything imaginable.  When I was young, I could go to the toy store and I could get a toy gun that looked as if I would wipe out an army of scum bag terrorists.  Now you are lucky if you can find a toy gun, and if you do, it’s neon orange or yellow.  I understand why this happened, but it still blows.

What fun is this toy gun if it feels like it should come with a  tutu.

Even the action figures are different.  Sure you have the comic book action figures, which I suppose are the coolest choice nowadays, but when I was young, we had action figures for kids that were amazing.  Action figures based on characters from R-Rated action films.

I loved this toy as a kid.  It was my all time favorite.  I had the mini version and then I also owned the gigantic version.
This was the only picture I could find online of the gigantic 16 inch Arnold.
This was one of my favorite movies as a child.  Every kid had to have this action figure because it was flat out awesome; “Commando” was awesome. Lets take a look at the origin of this kids toy shall we (I didn’t create this video but its pretty awesome)?
I couldn’t get enough of these movies as a kid, as these heroes like Arnold, Stallone, Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, and Van damme – they always stuck with me as being my favorites. 
    Today we are living through the death of the R-rated movie which essentially means the death of really awesome action movies.  What is this post about exactly?  It’s a post about the movie “Safe” starring Jason Statham.  My friend Justin and I went to go see this movie opening weekend.  We support Jason Statham because not only is he a great action star, but the torch was handed to him by the founding fathers of action in the first “Expendables” film.  While we were in the theater, I mentioned to Justin that I was still pissed off at the PG-13 rating that currently hangs over the “Expendables 2” movie coming out this summer.  Justin spoke of the fact that PG-13 is still super violent and that basically its lacks bad language.  At that moment I thought about it, and I agreed.
    An hour and a half later, filled with a nostalgic glee, we left the theater laughing and talking about what we just saw.  What did we see?  An absolutely awesome, balls out, no holds barred, action film.  This is something I have not seen in a theater for as long as I can remember.  Yeah I know, “The Expendables” was an action film, and yes it was great, but its a novelty act.  This movie was for real, and it was awesome.  My stance on the PG-13 not making much a difference accept for the language, had totally changed.  It had been so long since I had seen a real action film on a big screen that didn’t care about a rating, and the difference was clear to me.  The film was violent and it had bad language, which are essential in maximizing the fun of a straight up action film.  
   Statham plays an ex-cop/cage fighter who is pretty much the toughest guy ever.  Without giving anything away, he finds himself down on his luck and forced to be homeless. It is here he gets himself caught up in protecting a little Asian girl he finds in the Subway that is running from multiple criminal organizations because she is a math genius and has memorized a super long number containing the combination of a safe.  The movie is an hour and half of Statham protecting this girl by means of murdering criminals, point blank, in broad daylight, in large crowds of people.  It is absolutely awesome.  If you are a fan of action movies, especially old school action movies, get to the movies before this leaves because films like these are few and far between these days on the big screen.  Statham continues to carry the dwindling torch of a dying era.



    Last night I had a vision.  Anyone who knows action films will know who this man is.  When the idea came to me I rushed online to see if it had been done before.  I could not find a single shirt.  Nobody had paid tribute to one of the greatest martial arts villains of all time, Bolo Yeung.

   I rushed to my computer when I got home and started to design the shirt I wanted.  This wasn’t going to be something I was going to draw free hand, I basically took a closeup of his face and pulled out the color.  I placed the symbol for warrior up in the corner and then simply placed Bolo at the bottom.  I wanted to keep it simple.  I smoothed out the picture by hand with some black ink, scanned it and then prepared it for my transparency.  I can’t wait to print this shirt, I love the design.

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