Karate Kid Miyagi-Do New Onesie!

It’s been a while since I had some new onesies to debut.  Over the next few weeks I will have a bunch coming out.  The first onesie that I am releasing is another Karate Kid Onesie.  Before this I only had this item:

   Now you can dress your kid like a hero with the new Miyagi-Do onesie.  I had always wanted to do a print involving the Miyagi-Do logo.  This onesie came out awesome and whether you buy this for your kid, or a gift for someone elses, everyone will love this.

This is available in our Etsy, eBay, and main website at supersweetshirts.com where you will get the lowest price.  Follow us on Instagram for a coupon code to use at our main website.

New Design!

    I have a few new designs coming out this week, starting off with this tribute to one of the masters: Mr. Miyagi.

    I like the way the design turned out as I’ve wanted to add a Miyagi shirt for quite some time.  I wanted to originally do a shirt with the logo on the back of Daniel’s Karate gi, but decided to do this instead (although I’ll probably revisit the idea).

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