No Retreat, No Surrender 2: OMG this is awful.

    I made it through “No Retreat, No Surrender 2: Raging Thunder” and it was beyond awful.  It had NOTHING to do with the first movie.  Some parts were so bad that I couldn’t help but laugh.  This “sequel” has Scott Wylde, an American kickboxer, going to Cambodia to rescue his girlfriend from Russian and Vietnamese troops.  Scott Wylde is played by Loren Avedon, who might possibly be the worst actor ever.  He was built like Bob Saget with Scott Baio hair.  His only saving grace was that he was a pretty impressive martial artist and the fight scenes were well choreographed.  Unfortunately the creative fight sequences were ruined by the unbelievable facial expressions and terrible acting. The main villain was most hilarious.  For some reason he had super strength and when he fought people, he was able to toss them as if he were a Marvel character.  To cap it off, the final fight scene may have been one of the most ridiculous final fight scenes that I have ever watched.  I’m not kidding.  It involves the main villain pulling a jeep into a crocodile pit by a rope while Wylde panics to try and start the jeep so that he can pull away instead of jumping out of the jeep that’s moving backwards 1 MPH.  It was amazing. How amazing?  This amazing:

So AOBG had this movie at the 100 spot right next to “Marked for Death” and “Dirty Harry”.  This is absurd.  So far, the top 100 list is not going well.  Stay tuned, in a few days I will announce what the net film is to watch, maybe you can watch it too!

Continuing the Action 100

    Months ago I had come across a blog that I love and frequent regularly, AOBG .  This is a blog devoted to action movies.  The content on this site is well worth the visit, everything from reviews to kill counts.  One thing they do have is a yearly action Top 100 movies which I have vowed to get through (only films I haven’t seen).  This is a great way to get new ideas, etc for shirts hence the Chow Yun Fat shirt that I decided to make after watching “Hard Boiled”.  This week I am going to watch “No Retreat, No Surrender 2: Raging Thunder.”
    If you are unfamiliar with the “No Retreat, No Surrender” series, you are in for a treat.  I’m not sure of the premise of the sequel, but the first movie is amazing.  The movie features Van Damme as the villain, who really only has a limited role in the movie and doesn’t get too much screen time.  It’s one of his first films so he doesn’t really have many lines either.  The movie focus’s around Jason, the son of a Karate teacher who is forced to move his family because of threats from a Seattle crime syndicate who just so happens to have a top martial artist of their own on their roster, Ivan from Russia (Van Damme).  Jason and his family move into a new neighborhood, where Jason spends his time hanging out in an abandoned house training in the martial arts….by himself….with Bruce Lee’s ghost.  It’s amazing.
   Although I have a hard time seeing how a sequel to this masterpiece could be any good, I will have to try an block out the first film to give this movie a chance.  If you have seen the second, feel free to leave some thoughts on it!

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