Bring on the New Year!

    We hope everyone had a great Holiday this year.  We are eager to get started on some new designs for next year including, finally, black shirt designs!
    This Holiday was a busy one.  In case you are not familiar with the two most famous babies on baby products, there is:

The “Gerber” Baby
The “Super Sweet Shirt Co.” Baby, Jacob Lee Green.
    This year was pretty fun because our Nephew Jake was able to understand the joy of opening presents.  It was really funny to watch because I’m not sure if he actually understood that inside of each present, is a new toy or something for him.  To him, each present was a new and exciting opportunity to tear off wrapping paper.  Who cares whats in it?!

     I went home for Christmas eve and Christmas day to be with my parents and my sister who was home from California.  I was able to see a lot of family that I hadn’t seen in a while which was really nice.  Our Christmas morning has been the same since we were kids, the only difference is that instead of being a little kid wearing goofy pajamas and getting up really early to open gifts, my sister and I are in our early 30’s waking up early in goofy pajamas to open gifts.  It’s pretty awesome.

My sister getting more amazing pajamas for next Christmas morning.

Step-dad Henry with a new ornament to make the tree more manly.

All of the animals flock to my mother making it impossible to move or open gifts.

Christmas dinner with some cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Cousin Andy and his lady.

Great weekend! Fantastic Show!

    This weekend was the Mayday Underground Arts and Crafts Show.  We did this show last year and this year it was just as good, if not better!  I love getting to see the faces of people that look at our stuff.  Being an online business, you never get that experience.  It’s also a great way to test new items to see if they are worth carrying.  The moss green woman’s Poe shirt caught a lot of eyes and eventually sold.  I will have a picture of it this week because I ordered more and decided to carry it.  I took the Poe design that I already had and added a twist.  I love the way it turned out.
     During the show Nicole and I met another vendor at the show who was interested in how I screened the onesies.  He was a screen printer also but was at the show selling handmade fairy doors.  They were these amazing handmade doors that go in garden’s, etc.  Very cool and very original.  We eventually started talking about our experiences as screen printers and I mentioned how I was in need of a flash dryer.  For those of you that don’t know what this is, it’s an expensive piece of equipment that makes drying/curing inks on shirts a breeze.  He mentioned he had one that he had fixed up, that he wasn’t using.  He bought it broken from a guy for dirt cheap and fixed it, but has since gotten a new one.  I could have sold nothing at this show and could have been happy.  We got a flash dryer from this guy and it works great! Christmas will be so much easier to deal with this year.  Its been almost two days and I’m STILL totally excited about acquiring this tool!  Thanks Again Chris!

This Saturday!

    This Saturday is the Mayday Underground show in Rochester.  We love doing this show and highly recommend that if you are in the Rochester area, come on down!  Even if our shirts are just too cool for you, there are really great vendors at this show offering really great options for unique holiday gifts.

Another Show!

    We have been booked for the November 5 Mayday Underground show in Rochester, NY at the Main Street Armory.  This will be our second year doing this show and it is definitely worth going to.  This year will feature over 90 vendors with some of the most unique things you will ever see.  This is a great holiday shopping event.  The first 50 people through the door get swag bags with samples of things from many of the vendors.  I have posted some pictures below of some of the applicants for this years show and an idea of some of the things you can see here:

Click for a more detailed view.

We will be bringing many of the favorites from last year plus more!

and much more!  More information on the show as we get closer.

Xmas Appearances

    The first of our Christmas shows has been booked.  We are going to try book a few shows this year instead of one to try and get our name out a bit more.  Our first stop will be in Rochester, NY at the Victor PTSA Arts and Crafts Show, Saturday October 15. 

Victor PTSA Arts and Crafts Show
953 High Street, Victor, NY
Super Sweet Shirt Co. will be at Space #5 in the hallway.
    I should know by the end of the week about a show in November also. 

Back from Rochester

   The weekend flew by but I managed to get a lot done.  I had to go back to Rochester, where I am from, so that I could get some help from my financial adviser (my step-dad) with my taxes. This is the first year that I am filing my taxes with the business so I wanted to make sure I was doing everything correctly.  Our trips to Rochester are usually a lot of fun, usually involving great drinks, food and lots of laughs.  This weekend was no different as Nicole and I, along with my mom and step-dad, went to the Owl House for dinner.  The Owl House is amazing and I wish Buffalo had something similar.  In Buffalo, we have Merge which is basically what the Owl House would be it did everything wrong.  The food at Merge is bland, boring, and unimaginative. The place just lacks anything that would make it special.  The food and drinks at the Owl House are just awesome.  Although they didn’t have the BBQ braised Seitan that I ate the last time I was there (which was by far my favorite), I had a grilled cheese sandwich that was phenomenal.  It was grilled Daiya cheese with mashed potatoes and asparagus right on the sandwich.  That accompanied by a delicious Black IPA made for a great dinner.  My mother even tried the grilled cheese with the Daiya cheese (which is a vegan cheese) which is big for her because she is hesitant to try vegetarian things.  Nicole had this gorganzola mushroom pizza that was also pretty delicious.  She gets this one drink that they make which I believe is called the Smoke Monster.  Its basically a Bloody Mary with liquid smoke. It is out of this world.
     Good food, family, and two days in a row of Sabres victories clinching a playoff spot makes for a great weekend but its time to get back to work!  Orders have been constant and my new screen is ready to form into Charles Bronson!  I will have pictures when it is completed.

Izzy gets sad over everything, even Sabres victories.

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