The Annual November Sale!


The annual November sale at or Super Sweet Shirt Co. shops has begun, in fact, we are about half way through it! Every year I like to reward early shoppers with this sale, and every year its a great deal.  The sale is a little different depending on which shop you are using.

At use coupon code: NOV15 for free domestic shipping.  The base prices on all products from our host website are lower than in our other shops. $18.00 American Apparel shirts!

In our Etsy Shop we are offering free domestic shipping, discounted international shipping, and coupon code: 30MORE for an additional $5.00 off orders of $30.00 or more!

And in our eBay Store, we are also offering free shipping.

If you are new to our products, everything we offer is screenprinted to order and shipped fast.  All T-shirts are on American Apparel clothing and are top quality, made in the USA.

Don’t miss out on this sale!

Lowest Prices at until 2015!

    The November Sale has come to an end in our shops.  Our eBay and Etsy shops have returned to full price.  I have decided that until the end of the year, will continue the November sale prices!  If you have ordered from us in the past, don’t forget to use the coupon code that was sent with your orders!

Happy Holidays!

Flash Auctions!

   I’ve started listing random items in our eBay store in auction format starting at 99 cents!  The items are completely random as they are just things we have extra laying around.  All items are brand new.  Every day there will be some new ones listed so the easiest way to not miss out, is to follow our store on eBay.

Huge Holiday Sale!

I have cut out the bullshit this year.  Black Friday is nonsense.  Cyber Monday is a waste of time.  I’m breaking out the killer deals for the entire month of November.  Don’t wait!  Our Ebay and Etsy stores have been rigged up with onesies starting at $10.00 and T-Shirts starting at just $15.00!   Even our American Apparel line is on sale!

2 Days Left!

   Our Holiday sale is ending in 2 days so don’t miss out!  The response has been ridiculous, like the kind of rush we get going in to Christmas.  The sale will stop June 1st and will be the last chance for a while to score ridiculous deals from our Etsy and eBay stores.

Big sale at ETSY!

  We dropped a bunch of items in our Etsy store in the SALE section, check it out.  These items are limited to the size in the description, so be sure to check that section out first because supplies are limited and they go fast!  I’ll be adding new items all week until I clear some of this stuff out of here!

Black Friday!

    This is it.  I’m giving the Black Friday Code out today for the Etsy store only!.  Don’t try to use it before 10pm Thursday because it will not work, I wasn’t born yesterday!  This is our thanks to the blog readers and Facebook followers.  The code is 25% each item. Here’s the breakdown:


$12.00 Long Sleeve Onesies = $9.00
$11.00 Short Sleeve Onesies=  $8.25
$14.00 Shirts = $10.50
$15.00 Shirts = $11.25
$16.00 Shirts = $12.00
$17.00 Shirts = $12.75

The code:

This baby gets activated 10pm Thanksgiving and goes 10pm Friday.

Thanks again to everyone supporting small business this Holiday!  You will blow people’s minds when giving the gift of our shirts and onesies this year!

Black Friday Sale!

   Hey everyone, we are still here!  We have not been posting as frequent due to how busy things are getting for the holidays.  There has not been much time to blog because we need to get all of your orders out in a timely fashion!  One thing I wanted to pop on here and announce is that we will be having a Black Friday Sale.  At 12am on black Friday, there will be a coupon code for our Etsy store.  We wanted to reward the blog readers and the Facebook followers, so they will be the only places were you will get this code.  See you in a few days!!!

Some clearance items in our Etsy Store!

Keep an eye out in our Etsy store.  We have added a new Sale/Clearance section which will always have random items in it either from just over stock, things we aren’t going to carry any longer, or prototype designs.  I decided to do this because we have a lot of random stock laying around and its time to make some room.  The items listed are all brand new and only come in the size specified in the listing.  Be sure to check in every day because I will be adding different things throughout the week.  The link for our Etsy store is: .

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