Play Star Trek 25th Anniversary In Your Browser along with 2500 other DOS Classics!

    Oh the days of DOS games…how I miss thee.  There were so many sweet PC games back in the day, and they were always so much cooler than the old console games.  It was kinda like cable TV shows compared to Network TV shows.  There was always that feeling that PC games could get away with way more, and it was totally true for a while. I was reading the Washington Post today online, I came across an article basically announcing that the Internet Archive had made 2500 DOS games available online for free to play in browser.  This is amazing.  Cruising the overwhelmingly large collection of sweet games, including the classic Oregon Trail, Leisure Suit Larry, and Doom, I was lucky enough to find Star Trek 25th Anniversary which is pretty much awesome.
    The games take a minute or two (depending on your connection) to load, play seamlessly right in your browser with the ability to go right into full screen mode.  Your days of boredom are over!

Fan Expo Canada Bound! (I’m not sure if I’m excited.)

I consider myself a comic geek, although at the age of 35, I have to curb by buying habits to not look like a total asshole.  I have a baby and a wife, so instead of buying the Punisher first appearance, Spiderman Issue #129, I’ll make a home repair or maybe throw some money in my baby daughters starter account.  But on occasion, I do pick up a few issues still hear and there.  I also love sci-fi and Doctor Who.  With being a fan of all these things, one would think that I must attend geek festivals and cons, left and right.  I actually don’t.  At the end of August, I will be heading up to Toronto for “Fan Expo”, the biggest event I will have attended, and also, only the second.
   My first experience at one of these things was at the Niagara Falls Comic-con.  I was pretty excited to go to this event.  There was going to be a few guests that I found interesting, one being Mic Foley (whom I’ve always been a huge fan of) and Cory Feldman (that’s right, Corey Feldman.)  I have gone to see Foley at other wrestling related appearances, so I wasn’t too excited to see him, but it would have been cool to get my “Stand By Me” DVD signed by Corey Feldman.  We arrived on time to this event, where we were surrounded by people in costumes in the parking lot.  It was neat to see.  We then approached the Niagara Falls Convention Center only to find ourselves standing in a gigantic line because the building was at capacity.  This is an absurd notion if you are selling tickets to something.  I was pretty annoyed from the start.  After about an hour, we found ourselves close to the entrance.  Anytime now!  All of a sudden, flocks of nerds started running out of the line at full speed to the other side of the building.  We stood there wondering what had just happened, only caring slightly as we felt that at any moment, we would be inside.  One of the door guys casually came out and said, “Oh hey guys, the line has moved to the other side. We are closing this entrance.”

Looking across the parking lot at the other side of the building, the new line appeared…..even bigger than it was before.  After another hour of standing around, we had finally made it inside.
What to do first!?  A casual stroll was in order to browse the vendors, see some people, etc.  So much is for sale at these things!  I started to see the celebrities set up their tables, and the lines started to form to see them.  Corey Feldman’s line was huge. I immediately gave up on that, and headed over to Foley’s line.  It was reasonable, and I had a copy of his first fictional book, “Tatum Brown” that I wanted to get signed.  I was in line for about 30 minutes, when I was told that it was about $80.00 to get this signed (I could be off a little. but by no more than 10 or 15 bucks.)  Cash only.  Fucking Cash only.  What if you wanted to meet 2 people and buy some comics.  You’re supposed to stroll around with hundreds of dollars cash in your pocket like “Joe Bucks?”  It’s insane!  At this point, I’m determined to accomplish something.  The person behind me offered to hold my place in line so that I could go to the ATM machine around the corner.  I stood there, in line, again….waiting for my turn at the ATM.  The guy in front of me looked as though someone he knew had just died.  Then he filled me in.  The ATM was out of money.  The ATM….was out of money…..

So I quit.  I grabbed the $20.00 in my pocket, bought a Doctor Who shirt and left that shit-hole, never intending on going back for future events.
   Toronto Fan Expo, is supposed to be the real deal.  Huge lineup of guests, one being Patrick Stewart whom I would love to meet.  According to the Internet, the event drew 100,000 people last year.  At the moment, this very moment, I am excited.  I’m sure it will remain that way, up until I realize that Patrick Stewart will want an absurd amount of money, or I get stuck in some gigantic line…..or the ATM runs out of money.  Regardless, I will keep my head up…

I’ll at least walk out with a T-Shirt.

Engage….in posting again.

   So much has happened since my last post.  Without going into details, over a week ago we lost our good camera, so it sort of killed any motivation I had to post anything significant.  On top of all of that, we have been crazy busy this year which is great because it seems people really like our shirts and onesies.  I’m going to try to update this more so this is my official attempt to spark the blog motivation.
   The entire time I have been doing this blog, I sort of struggled with a theme.  What exactly is this blog about?  I really have no idea what-so-ever.  Yes, I do use it to plug shirts and ads for our site, but I wanted to make sure I wrote about things that could interest people.  The problem is, I am always all over the map.  I would write about beer, movies, food, house projects, technology, whatever I’m basically into.  So I have given up on sticking with a theme for this blog.  Today I will write about this!

    My friend Pat and I slapped on some nerd shirts and headed to the movies last night to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation.   They are re-releasing the box sets on Blu-Ray, all digitally remastered in HD.  At first, I didn’t care what they were doing, I was just excited to see this on a big screen, but once the show began, the work they put into remastering the episodes that I saw, was incredible.  They really drove home the point that they did not change any of the effects, they only enhanced them visually.  They did not want to fall into the critical eye of nerds getting angry at people messing with the masterpiece.  Two episodes were selected based on the visual appeal they had.  The episodes were “Datalore” and “Where No One Has Gone Before”.



    Before episode #1 they showed a mini documentary on how they remastered the episodes with some great behind the scenes things with the original cast.  In between episode #1 and #2 the had a longer documentary where they talked more about the cast and the start of TNG.  They showed Picard’s screen test which was hilarious.  Essentially the end of the night was more of a sales pitch, but I would say its worth thinking about.  Here’s a trailer from comic-con that shows some of the other remastered scenes.  It is pretty awesome.  I would say that if you hadn’t yet bought the first release of the TNG collection, this is a great one to get as it slowly gets released.  Engage!

New Photo stuff for site.

   A few days ago I wrote about a video I watched from about the original stuff they do with their model pictures to bring the shirts to life.  I started doing things with the model pictures on my site hoping to give the site a little edge.  Last week I posted a few and today I have two others that I recently just finished.

    There probably won’t be much news on new designs in the next few weeks as Nicole and I are headed to San Fransisco with my family to visit sister and to kick back.  I am looking forward to drinking plenty of hoppy IPA’s including the long awaited Pliny the Elder  rated one of the10 best beers in the world and extremely hard to come by.  Excited? Indeed.

Awesome weather!

   The weather here has been terrible for a while now.  Rainy, gloomy days mixed with cold flurries occasionally.  It has not been pleasant here at all.  Yesterday the weather was amazing. The sun was shining bright and people were out and about enjoying a break from the gloom.  Nicole, Ric, and I decided to go for a stroll through the neighborhood.  We live near the Elmwood Village which is filled with all kinds of little shops and a wide variety of people.  Ric has put on some winter weight so its good to get his chubby fanny into gear.  I decided to sport the Vulcan sweatshirt from our new line of hoodies.  We took a few pictures of the neighborhood along the way.

This is Ric’s Turf

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