New Shirts This Week!

   Two new designs up this week now in our Etsy, eBay, and main website!  The first of the two is a tribute to the great David Lynch.  Growing up, I was a fan of Twin Peaks, along with my entire family.  My mother and step-dad actually got married and walked the isle to the Twin Peaks theme.  The shirt came out pretty awesome and ended up being one of the cooler shirts in our catalog. 

The shirt is available in a 100% cotton American Apparel version and the Standard Cotton (Gildan) 100% cotton version.

I love watching shows…

    A few weeks back I started watching “Breaking Bad”.  The more I watched it, the more I loved the show and I ended up tearing through 3 seasons.  This is perhaps the best show I have ever watched.  It’s amazing.  I am now waiting for season 4 to show up on Netflix.  In the past, I would normally find “alternative methods” of gaining access of the 4th season, but I will wait.  I want the anticipation to build.

   I now have space for a new show to watch.  I’ve thrown around some options, two of them being “Walking Dead” and “Mad Men” however, tonight I decided that those shows will wait for a while.  I randomly chose to watch “Twin Peaks”.  My parents were heavy into the show when it was on Television, they even got married to the theme song.  I was pretty young at the time and only remember little tidbits of the show.  30 minutes into the first episode, Nicole and I were drawn in.  I think this is the next series we will be watching.

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