The final weekend of our wedding celebration has come to and end.

    I should be able to start posting at normal intervals again, it’s just been insane lately and I’ve barely had time to breathe.  This past weekend was our big family wedding picnic celebration, where my parents rented a lodge and all of our family attended for a big party.  I’ll have more pictures from this when they arrive.  My cousin Jennifer took pictures at the event and did a photo shoot of Nicole and I as a wedding present.  I think we may have given off a vibe that we were annoyed that we had to do a photo shoot, but it was really just our mutual disgust for extremely hot weather which unfortunately shows on both our faces.  We were pretty grateful that she wanted to do this for us.  We woke up early Saturday and headed to the park in Rochester to shoot the pictures.  I’m not sure how they came out as Jen didn’t want to show me the pics before they were edited, but if she’s able to get good pictures from Nicole and I with our extreme awkwardness, she will end up being a great photographer.  She did however send me a preview picture which we loved:

    The picnic was a blast, it was great to have everyone in one place to enjoy a relaxed party.  No dress clothes, nothing formal, just friends and family together to eat, drink, and celebrate.  My parents had the event catered by Dinosaur BBQ.  Pulled pork, ribs, Cajun corn, cornbread, salt potatoes, and of course sausage and peppers, and a baked macaroni.  The food was amazing.  Here are a few pictures that I was able to steal from family from the event.  I should have other pictures in a week or so as they surface.

BBQ rub favors.  My mom had the labels made using Etsy for the first time.

Some homemade cupcakes, they were all delicious.

Nicole’s sister made this incredible cake for us.  It was delicious!  The little mice where truffles.

   We will be spending the week making our thank you cards for everyone, but for everyone that attended, we love you all and thanks again!

Glowing Electric Sex

    The next morning we had our brunch at the Inn.  Everything was amazing, they gave us hot complimentary “Monkey Bread” which we had never had before.  It tasted basically like mashed up cinnamon rolls, rolled up in a ball, with gooey brown sugar icing all over it.  It was heavenly.  After breakfast we drove over to the shopping district that we never found the day before.  It was ridiculously close to the Inn, I’m not sure what happened that caused us to get lost.  The Coventry shopping area was sort of a let down.  There were a few shops and places to eat, but it was really mediocre, it took us all of maybe a half hour before we left.  We had one more stop though before heading home, “The Christmas Story House”.

    We drove through more gross areas to finally wind up in a factory area of Cleveland reminiscent of areas here in Buffalo. The only difference was their’s appeared to still be active.  We arrived on the street where the house was located, a truly depressing site.  The street was pretty ghetto, run down houses everywhere, spray painted buildings, and then tucked right in the middle was the fully restored “Christmas Story” house.  It was really bizarre.  Luckily, the weather that day was gorgeous, the sun was out and the sky was blue, and there were people waiting for their tour of this legendary house.  We had a good 15 minutes to kill before our tour started, so we went into the Christmas Story store across the street because I was determined to buy an official leg lamp.  I got lucky.  There were 4 sizes, the biggest was almost too big, and the next sized down appeared to be normal.  The other two sizes were like mini lamps.  They were sold out of most of the lamps accept they had some of the normal sized models left.  I didn’t care about the price.  This was going to be one awesome way to remember our trip here.  $150.00 later, and I was the proud owner of this lamp. 
I will be placing this in our bay window for the holidays!
We stopped in the Christmas Story Museum that was right next to the store, both across the street from the actual house.  The museum was kinda neat, but nothing all that special.  In the corner of one of the rooms, there was a man selling a “Where are they now” DVD and autographed pictures of himself.  He was the original guy in the movie who delivered the “Major Award”.  He was interesting for maybe 2 minutes, but then went on way too long, making it sort of awkward because clearly, we were trying to leave.
    The tour was kind of cool.  We all filed in and listened to a history lesson about the area and the house.  It was actually interesting.  When she was finished, we were free to roam the house and take pictures.

    On the way home, we took a detour and stopped in Pittsburgh to the IKEA.  We love it there, you can spend a ton of time there getting ideas and looking at furniture.  I wish we had one here in Buffalo.  When we got home, we were super exhausted.  It was a lot to do in 2 days, but ended up being a memorable trip that we will never forget. 

Its almost here!

    One more day and Nicole and I will be married.  Its pretty crazy.  We take off tonight to Ohio where we will have our Vegas style wedding and return on Saturday.  It should be a fun 2 days, we are pretty excited to just get out of town for a few days, it seems like all we do is work sometimes. I will post some random pictures throughout the weekend from our getaway so keep checking in!

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