Joe Rogan’s Bizarre Covid Response

I’m pretty sick of talking about Covid 19. I’m all set. However, yesterday Joe Rogan posted this video on Tik Tok.

For the sake of this viewpoint, not that it’s anyone’s business, I am vaccinated. I have to put that out-there only because if you say anything that isn’t part of the script – you are labeled anti-vax. I got my vaccine as soon as it became available for me.

When Rogan posted this, the thing I found most ridiculous wasn’t that he took Ivermectin. Ever since covid hit, there has been this weird politicizing of treatments and medicines. There is misinformation everywhere you look, people making contradictory statements every other day – honestly, if you are a normal person it’s hard to know what to believe. The one thing that is extremely clear, the vaccine does prevent you from getting dangerously sick for the majority. This is statistically documented. I am totally for everyone’s choice to get it and continue to maintain that this is something people should make their own decision about based on their personal health history. The idea that everyone is the same is absurd.

That being said, since the beginning of the pandemic Joe Rogan has constantly talked about how if you are in shape and live a healthy lifestyle, you’re not in any real danger with Covid. He’s been very clear about this. Fast forward to yesterday, the guy announces he has Covid….and he’s taking literally every treatment for it possible. The amount of shit he’s admitting to doing because he came down with Covid is completely ridiculous! What happened to strengthening your immune system? This doesn’t even sound like he’s giving his immune system a chance…

The worst part of all this, is that when he makes it through this (statistically he should) – he’s going to probably go around talking about the success of his treatments.

His reaction to getting covid is pretty bizarre to me.

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