The Greatest Holiday Mug This Season

I forgot I had this blog…..i’ll be honest. There are so many outlets these days online to spread the word, and I basically hate most of them. Something about the blog is still somewhat therapeutic, it allows me to do more than just post pictures of product, or videos of what inspired me to create them. I can yak it up a bit – shoot the shit.

Sometimes in the chaos of life (especially is you’re a parent), it gets hard to find time to get new designs out. I’m a one man operation, so when you get an order from me, or you see the packaging, or the ad or post you saw the product on – that shit’s all me son! Ok maybe around the holidays I get some help from my kid, but it’s mostly me. With 5 online stores to manage, it gets chaotic.

One night my wife and I were changing it up a bit from the usual “sit down and watch tv” routine. We cracked open some wine, put on some tunes, and we each worked on something at the dining room table while chatting. The music selection for the night was 80s/90s duets.

As the wine went down and the tunes kept flowing, somehow we started talking about Van Damme dancing in Kickboxer.

How did I not have something to pay tribute to this iconic action movie scene? It was time to get to work (before I made the unfortunate decision to open another bottle.)

The inspiration for the design was Urban Outfitters. I’m clearly too old to shop there, but as an apparel creator I was heavily influenced by early Urban Outfitters and Dov Charney who created American Apparel (yeah I know he’s a sex pervert, he’s still an apparel genius.)

In the end, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. This shirt/mug collection is awesome, the shirt is insanely soft and the mug will be a favorite for whoever it’s purchased for.

These our now available in all shops! Pick your poison from the list of links below:



Instagram Store

New Revenge of the Nerds Mugs

Nothing says “relevant” like these new Revenge of the Nerds mugs! Everything sucks lately, I totally get it. Nothing seems fun. Everything offends someone. These Revenge of the Nerds mugs will allow you to drink your morning coffee, while longing for the days of crude, tasteless, offensive, humor.

Mugs and more are currently in our Etsy store right now!

The David Tee

New design in all shops this week.  I had the idea to do this years ago but kept putting it off.   This week, I decided to go for it.

This amazing Lost Boys Tee is available for both men and women.

So fly over to our website, or the Etsy, eBay, Amazon stores and pick yourself up one of these bad boys!


New Rushmore Onesie and Tee

The problem with getting busy is that it makes it nearly impossible to put out new designs.  I have been wanting to do a Rushmore design for a while.  The hardest part about coming up with new designs is trying to create something different then the others out there.  There are loads of shirts out there with the Rushmore Academy logo on it, but not many for Latin Club.  I saw a bunch for Bee Keepers Club, but not many for Latin.  Max saved Latin.  This shirt deserved to be made.

Now available at our main site, Etsy Shop, eBay Store, and on Amazon – this shirt or onesie would be a great gift for any Wes Anderson or Bill Murray fan.


Mad Max Shirt

Here is a tribute to the original Mad Max, starring Mel Gibson before he went completely insane.  This shirt is printed on a Heather Brown Ei-Lo tee made from 100% USA made cotton blend.

This shirt is super soft and fits great.  A great gift for any fan of the original film.



This shirt and the rest of the “Fight Legends” tees are available in our EtsyeBay, and main website.

Like all the shirts you see here, they will be the cheapest at our website where we don’t pay the fee’s associated with listing in our Etsy Shop or eBay store.




John Kreese T-Shirt

The “Fight Legends” line continues with the new John Kreese shirt.  This shirt came out awesome after a few tweaks.  Originally the shirt was designed to be on a Yellow tee with Black ink.  After some experimenting, putting this design on a Black tee with yellow ink was the way to go.


This shirt and the rest of the “Fight Legends” tees are available in our EtsyeBay, and main website.


New Shirts!

A lot of changes happening this month!  If you haven’t noticed, our website looks way different.  We used to use Big Cartel as a host for our storefront, but we have recently switched to Etsy’s new storefront hosting service.  This site will automatically be synced to our Etsy Shop and you can now shop with the same confidence that you would as if you were using Etsy.  Plus it’s literally 50% cheaper (which is the real reason I switched.)

The first new shirt this week is my version of the “Double Deuce” tee in “Road House.” There are several versions of this in other stores, offering different colors with different variations of the design.  To me this was nonsense.  I decided I needed to create one that paid true tribute to the film on the red shirt that it was meant to be on.   Also, I added a special touch to the shirt by putting “Staff” on the front.  Now you can be an official bad-ass like Dalton.


The shirt is now available in our Etsy Shop, eBay Store, and at .

All of our shirts are printed on American Apparel and are made in the USA.  Our shirts are pretty much amazing…



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