Week 5 weigh-in

     I crushed it this week.  After a disappointing weight loss of .2 pounds last week, I strolled into the bathroom this morning, hopped onto the scale and looked down at a “196”, a loss of 6.2 pounds.  I had reached my initial goal weight.  When we first started, I gave myself a “realistic” goal to reach.  I was going to get down from 212-196.  This morning I set a new goal of getting below 190.
    This is the biggest weight loss week I’ve had so far which makes me sit back and wonder what I did different this week.  What I had done this week was simply eat more of my weekly bonus points and I stopped eating anything of substance after dinner.  I pretty much have a routine down now where my breakfast is the biggest meal I have of the day.  Usually hovering around 16 points, I have two cups of coffee with two servings of creamer, a sausage, egg, and cheese English muffin, and maybe some granola mixed in with some yogurt and fruit.  Between breakfast and lunch, I may have an apple.  For lunch I usually have a sandwich with rye bread, turkey, lettuce tomato, light mayo, mustard, turkey bacon. and fat free swiss. Sounds like a lot?  Its a pretty big sandwich. 6 points!  I may have a weight watchers ice cream between lunch, or some other 2 point snack, but I always have my serving of V-8 low sodium vegetable juice. Then for dinner I keep it around 3-6 points.  I love eating fish because its so low in points usually.  Then at the end of the night, I may have some fruit or a tomato w/ balsamic.  I also usually have a beer or glass of wine.  One thing Nicole and I like to do is have some Tea right before bed, its become sort of a ritual.
    This program is awesome.  Its not really a diet as much as it is just getting healthy.  I eat more on this diet then I did when I wasn’t dieting, it just helps you eat the right combination of foods to boost your metabolism.  I am sure next week I will lose almost nothing again (seems to be a pattern, every other week), but this week I’m feeling pretty good!

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