New onesie for sale in our shops!  Last year we gave you the “Little Captain” onesie featuring Captain Picard.  This year we give you the “Little #1” onesie with Will Riker!  This onesie will steal the show at your next baby shower.  We are also offering this as a combo deal in our shops where you can get both onesies for 20.00.  All items are available in our Etsy store ,, and our eBay store. Or you can just order these right here!

Picard Onesie

Picard onesie:

Long Sleeve 0-3 Months $11.00 Short Sleeve 0-3 Months $11.00 Long Sleeve 3-6 Months $11.00 Short Sleeve 3-6 Months $11.00 Long Sleeve 6-9 Months $11.00 Short Sleeve 6-9 Months $11.00 Long Sleeve 12 Months $12.00 Short Sleeve 12 Months $12.00 Long Sleeve 18 Months $12.00 Short Sleeve 18 Months $12.00

Riker Onesie

Riker Onesie:

Sizes and Styles
Long Sleeve 0-3 Months$11.00 USD Long Sleeve 3-6 Months$11.00 USD Long Sleeve 6-9 Months$11.00 USD Long Sleeve 12 Months$12.00 USD Long Sleeve 18 Months$12.00 USD Short Sleeve 0-3 Months$11.00 USD Short Sleeve 3-6 Months$11.00 USD Short Sleeve 6-9 Months$11.00 USD Short Sleeve 12 Months$11.00 USD Short Sleeve 18 Months$11.00 USD

Combo Deal available on Etsy and eBay.

Combo Deal:

Sizes and Styles
Long Sleeve 0-3 Months$20.00 USD Long Sleeve 3-6 Months$20.00 USD Long Sleeve 6-9 Months$20.00 USD Long Sleeve 12 Months$20.00 USD Long Sleeve 18 Months$20.00 USD Short Sleeve 0-3 Months$21.00 USD Short Sleeve 3-6 Months$21.00 USD Short Sleeve 6-9 Months$21.00 USD Short Sleeve 12 Months$21.00 USD Short Sleeve 18 Months$21.00 USD


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