I’m getting excited for Holidays…

   I find myself getting antsy in anticipation for the holidays.  Not because of all of your wonderful orders from supersweetshirts.com, but for the obnoxious joy of decorating.  Every day, I stare at the calender waiting for it to become acceptable to start putting up lights along with other amazing things.  This year I have some new additions to display at the home of the Super Sweet Shirt Co.


Like this…..I brought this baby back with me the weekend we went t o get married.  100% electric sex.
We found this gigantic wreath in the attic of my moms house.  She was going to toss it away…..no way.    I’ll get rid of that cheesy red ribbon, put a new cooler ribbon on it, and light this baby up!

And of course I will have a few more lights then I had last year.  If I could truly have my way, our house would pretty much be this…

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