"The Following"

    Television is pretty amazing these days.  We are finally in an age where most movies are mind numbing and stupid, while TV shows like Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones create episodic history with int-requite story lines and way more time allotted to getting them across.  With that being said, Kevin Bacon’s new show “The Following” was a laughable pile of crap.  Kevin Bacon is one of my favorites, and I had high hopes for this show, especially after hearing his reasons for returning to television in an interview with Howard Stern.  Bacon commented about how whenever he was out in a social setting and there were people talking about entertainment, they were never referring to movies.  People always spoke about how great television shows were, and he thought that the time was right.  He said that he signed up for 6 seasons but I’ll tell you what….this show blows.  The production is terrible, it is loaded (and I mean loaded) with cliche lines and references, and the pace of the show is so quick that its loaded with illogical scenarios and plot holes.  The actor that plays the genius, mad man, serial killer is deplorable.  The character is basically Hannibal Lector minus anything interesting.  It is horrendous.  Normally, I would enjoy watching something this bad.  Sometimes it can be relaxing to sit down, laugh and poke fun at how bad a show is….but this one I had hopes for…..dammit Bacon.

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