I came across a little trick online that I wanted to share in case other sellers weren’t aware of this.  I use Paypal for my other shops, its easy for me to keep track of orders and print/track shipping.  Stamps.com is a rip off and is a total waste, but I still need to pay $15.00 a month in case I get any international orders through my main website (you can’t print first class international with Paypal.) With this link you can print first class postage easily even if the customer didn’t use Paypal to check out.  It’s not exactly a feature that Paypal promotes, in fact, I have yet to find the link within the site to do it, but by using this link from my blog, it allows you to.  The option mainly exists for eBay sellers to create prepaid labels, but you can use it for anything.  This is a super handy trick that I thought I’d share!

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