New Predator Shirt!

   This week I released new shirt, and potentially the start of a whole new line of similar shirts depending on how this does.  I was actually working on a different design when I came across those generic Helvetica shirts.  if you haven’t seen them, they look sort of like this:

This isn’t one of mine, I just google searched “generic Helvetica shirt” and this came up.

 I have see this shirt design all over, played to death, and they are totally stupid.  So I had an idea.  If you are a fan of then you are well aware that we specialize in shirts for bad action movies.  I decided to take classic one liners from our favorite films and to design my own generic Helvetica shirt!  How can we make a stupid shirt design even more ridiculous?  I present to you:

The baby is available in our Etsy shop, eBay store, and at

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