Cool Addition to Our Daughter’s Room

    As a kid I always had a wild imagination.  Whether it was playing with my action figures while involving them in a continuing storyline or acting in imaginary movies, both activities I would do by myself in my room.  If someone where to have filmed me, I’m sure it would have been embarrassingly hilarious.  As ridiculous as it was, I feel today that it was healthy and helped me grow to be creative as an adult.  We had video games growing up, I had my Nintendo/Sega.  I didn’t really give a shit about any of them. 

   I wanted Amelia to have a room that would hopefully spark her imagination.  I wanted a room that she would want to play in.  Nicole and I started brainstorming this room even before she was born.  This newest addition was something she had come up with that really put the final touch on her bedroom.

A freakin’ Tee Pee with a little fake animal skinned rug!  We got this on amazon for $130.00, I was able to use my amazon points and got it half off.  They have it in 2 sizes, we opted for the 6 ft size which was the smaller.  It fit perfectly.

Her face is always priceless when I show her something new.  This was no different, and for a little while she wouldn’t go in it.  She just looked at it.  Eventually I convinced her to go in by going in it myself with her favorite book, “Harry the Dirty Dog.”  She followed me in and seemed to like it.

    The quality of this thing is really nice.  The reviews on Amazon from everybody had said it was nice quality, but that it had a gross fishy smell.  It actually didn’t at all.  Maybe they fixed the issue.  I’ll have more pictures of her room once we finish the clouds that we want to paint on the wall.

Sleep Routines and Babies: The Truth Revealed.

   My wife and I did our share of research when we found out we succeeded in having a kid.  Perhaps the most frustrating area to try and master is “sleep”.  The truth is, every baby is different.  You will soon come across things in books and online showing sleep routines with ridiculously laid out plans like:

7am: Nurse/Bottle
7:30am: Playtime
9:00am: Morning Nap (1.5 hours)
11:00am: Playtime

   This is the most ridiculous thing ever.  Of course, before you actually have the kid in real life, one would read a plan like this and be like, “Oh OK, that seems reasonable.”  You than have the kid in your possession and this schedule is perhaps the dumbest thing you could ever read.  I’m amazed that people even get hired to write books that have these mindless simplistic plans laid out.  We try to stick to a schedule, but sweet Amelia Rose does not have it.  She sleeps when she feels like it.
   Last night was another experience where we tried sticking to a schedule/routine that Nicole had read about.  Establishing a routine for your baby.  A specific time of the night that the baby goes into its room,the lights are dim, the changing occurs, the soothing, the baby massage, swaddled up and rocked to sleep.  This ritual happens, she falls asleep and we both go down stairs and enjoy some adult time.  A glass of wine and a movie under a blanket.  15 minutes later we glance over at the baby moniter:

Paranormal Activity Amelia

   Not only is this the most frustrating thing ever to see after the lengthy sleep routine prior, but it’s also super creepy.  She doesn’t even move for a while when she starts this!  She just stares at you.  I know what your thinking, “Oh she will just go to sleep.”  Never has that happened.  It starts with this…..then it goes to crying….then screaming.  With the baby being too young for the cry it out method, we have no choice but to go back up and start again.  With Nicole bearing the brunt of similar rituals during the afternoon, I volunteered my services and went up stairs.  I slowly open the door, thinking of myself as the dad coming to the rescue!  I will pick up my baby and rock her in my arms, she will be so happy that I’m there comforting her, making her feel safe.  Of course that image is shattered when I pick her up and she screams bloody murder.  I stay calm, I rock her and sing her sweet songs while she screams louder and louder.  Now its starting to look like one of those movies where a crazy guy kidnaps someone and is completely crazy singing songs while the victim is screaming and crying, desperately trying to escape – a true horror scene.  OK so not exactly that intense of a scene, but I certainly didn’t feel like a hero.  After about a half hour of this, Nicole enters the room to see if I wanted to switch because my ears were on the verge of bleeding. The baby is transferred into the arms of my wife and immediately stops crying.   
  Unfortunately now that this behavioural pattern has been discovered, we can’t solve it that way.  Now if she does this, I have to rough it out until she stops and falls asleep which is usually about an hour…
  This has happened the past three times now for me. Fourth times a charm!?  Back to my original point, these books can piss off!  If your lucky enough to have a kid that sleeps, it will sleep. If your unlucky, then your kid won’t sleep.  There is no book for that.

Huge Holiday Sale!

I have cut out the bullshit this year.  Black Friday is nonsense.  Cyber Monday is a waste of time.  I’m breaking out the killer deals for the entire month of November.  Don’t wait!  Our Ebay and Etsy stores have been rigged up with onesies starting at $10.00 and T-Shirts starting at just $15.00!   Even our American Apparel line is on sale!

Our Imagination Nursery Project!

   This weekend was super productive.  With no set plans, it gave us a ton of time to work in the nursery as we are closing in on the final project in this room….the new floor.  I’m a bit scared to try this next project by myself, but I was scared when I was trying the crown molding, and that turned out fine.  This will be my most challenging project yet.
    This weekend, we started wrapping up some of the final things that needed to get done before starting the floor.  We had to finish the inside of the closet and we had to sand and paint the window molding.  As soon as we finished these, all of the dirty work was pretty much done.  This would clear the way for putting up the new light.  We had looked at a number of lights and up until maybe a week ago, we were set to pay a little more than $100 for the one we wanted.  Then Nicole came up with the idea to get one of those paper ball  shades.  I loved this idea, mainly because it would sort of resemble a moon!  We found one at Pier 1 Imports for about 10.00.  We then bought a mini pendant light kit from Home Depot for 14.99 making the entire light around 25.00.  Pretty sweet huh?  I put that up this weekend as well, and we are finally getting to see the formation of this room come together.  Besides our kitchen, this baby is going to have the best room in the house!

Stay tuned for more updates!  I’m trying to make a more constant flow of blog posts happen, I have been insanely busy but if I pour myself a tasty pint, I can chill out enough to type out an entry!  

The Nursery is coming along nice!

If you are new to this blog, my wife and I are having a kid, so we have been working on a nursery.  We took the room where my old office was, and completely gutted it out, down to bare bones.  The room was a disaster…crumbling plaster walls, layers of overlapping wallpaper, no insulation, a pull string light on the ceiling, wall sconces with twisty switches randomly on the wall, and a wood floor that was cracked and in rough shape.  This has been, by far, the biggest job I’ve done myself in this house.  My wife has helped a lot as well, but the hardcore stuff she couldn’t help with.  I went balls out.  It’s crazy when you know you have a kid on the way, like someone you are going to raise and care for.  A new life that you get to pass down things to.  It makes (or should make) you want to be the best you can be, and to give the best you can give in terms of effort in life.  You don’t want your kid thinking your a shlub.
I’m a nostalgic person, I never forgot what it was like to be a kid and to use your imagination.  Mine was always going.  I’d spend hours and hours with my toys, acting out entire wrestling story-lines that went on for years.  I remember all of them, its completely ridiculous looking back on it now, but at the time, I know I loved it.  My toys at the time, were all commercial, like He-man, Rambo, Thundercats etc…..but I never really cared about that, all of the toys in my mind had totally different names and personalities that I created.  That’s just how I was.  As stupid as it sounds, I think it was just creativity, something that once you get a taste of, it never leaves you.  Lets get back to this room…

Nicole and I are not going to know what the baby is and want to be as unisex as we can be.  We painted the room a pretty neutral combination of colors and we will be putting in an oak floor to further soften the room. I currently am in the process of doing the crown molding around the door.  This was one hell of an experience, but I finally learned how to do it!

A royal pain….but it came out great!

     On the wall where the closet is, will be where the crib goes…I wanted to do something cool on the wall.  Like many kids, the timeless tale of “Where the Wild Things Are” was one of my favorites, a true tale of a wild imagination.  I decided to attempt my first wall mural.  I’m not a painter, in fact I hate it.  I never had the attention span to deal with paint, which was why I always worked pen/ink.  This was going to be painted and I knew it would be a challenge.  I borrowed my step fathers projector to help me get an accurate outline of the picture on the wall.  This sort of failed.  Mainly because I couldn’t move the projector back far enough to fill the wall, in fact it would only fill maybe a quarter of it…minus a few facial details, the projector was sort of a failure….I was going to have to draw out 90% of it myself which was sort of intimidating because I’ve never worked on something so large.

For the paints, I had the idea of just bringing a picture of the book cover to home depot and then having them mix me $2.95 8oz samples of every color I needed.  It was really super easy although I’m sure they were annoyed at the amount of samples I wanted.

I’m not the greatest painter, but i feel this is looking OK so far.  If it winds up looking terrible, we can just paint over it!

More updates to come, including new shirts, beer, and Doctor who!

Super Busy!

    Sometimes it can be tough trying to figure out things to write about in this blog.  I could easily just post shirt related things every day, but that would get boring.  I like to mix it up.  Today I’ll throw this into the mix:

Yup! My wife and I are having a baby!  The room we have been working on is actually going to be the nursery.  The last update I had on that room was drywall work and the removal of the ancient wallpaper.  I’ll have some pictures of the progress in there this week, along with some updates on some of the things we want to do in there.  Now that this news has been announced, it will be a little easier to communicate plans and ideas.  This blog has been a little slow lately, that’s about to change!

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