We are home! Super Sweet Shirts is back open.

    What a trip.  We are finally home.  I couldn’t blog as planned throughout the trip due to the fact that the internet was down which made a ton of things annoying.  The apartment we stayed at was nice and simple, located near the train and the Jean Talon market.  We were right in the heart of “Little Italy,” which didn’t seem to have a plethora of Italian restaurants or anything like that.  To be fair, we didn’t have the internet so we had to discover  most thing by foot or from a 5 year old Montreal tour book.  The Jean Talon market did, however, have a giant market with fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and breads.  There was also a ton of cafes in the area of all kinds, from the small rustic Italian cafe with the old regulars sitting out front, to the slightly more “indie” type with hipsters and trendy students reading their literature.  There was a place for everyone to go which was very nice.

We had this little terrace overlooking a nice little garden out back, but it was really close to the neighbor’s window so neither of us were comfortable sitting out there.  Sort of odd, but still beautiful back there.

    When we first arrived, we had a lot of interaction with the person that rented us the apartment, David.  He was very helpful in telling us places to go that would suit us and our personalities.  He informed us of the big public protest that would be occurring every night from the students.  Apparently over the next few years, the government would be raising tuition by 80% so thousands of people have been protesting, banging drums and pots and pans, and expressing their opinions both verbally and through art during these gatherings.  He then told us about how his tuition is about $2,000 a semester which to us here in the States, is about the cost of our books.  It was tough for me to feel for their cause, but it was really impressive to see the public come together like that.  There were people of all ages participating.  I sometimes think that if the people here could band together like this for important things, that certain things could be different.  Or would they?

David also told us that the government made protesting illegal but that didn’t seem to stop things.  In the beginning the police would just tear gas everyone, but that had stopped also.  Now it seemed as if they just let the people gather without any violent resistance.   Another thing about the government that amazed me, was that the wine and liqueur was sold to the pubic through government run stores called “SAQ.”  From the people we spoke with on our trip, every business that tries to sell these products has to go through an insane amount of hoopla, it sounded pretty terrible.
    The first few days in Montreal. Nicole and I did our usual routine which consisted of walking an insane amount, to the point where our bodies started to break down.  Nasty blisters and shin splints didn’t stop us though.  We were able to see so much this way, and everything we saw was beautiful.
    We started by walking to Old Montreal which was about 3 miles from our apartment.  This part of Montreal was my favorite.  It is a tourist spot, but it didn’t matter.  Nicole and I love looking at old architecture and these buildings, along with their cobblestone walkways and alleys, were really amazing.  One of the most impressive things that we saw while in Old Montreal, was the Notre Dame Basilica.  I had never been to a church this beautiful before so it was unlike anything I had ever seen.  The art, sculpture, and detail on the walls and ceiling were incredible. I never would have thought I’d be interested in going to just look at an old church, but it was breathtaking. Something you could never convey in pictures (even though we tried to in the pictures below).

   On the next day there, Nicole and I climbed Mount Royal in Mount Royal Park.  It consisted of a somewhat grueling walk up trails and stairs to reach the top which overlooked the entire city of Montreal.  It was a fantastic site to see.  It also may have not seemed as ridiculously difficult if we hadn’t overdone it the day before, because we were already in a lot of pain at this point.

   I’ll have more on the trip throughout the week as there is too much to cover in just one post.

A stop to the falls and finished in Toronto…unharmed.

    Our dinner party went well at Pearl Street.  It couldn’t have been a better choice for us and what we wanted to do.  I should have some pictures from that in a few days.  My step dad took all the shots because I was too busy sucking down beer (thanks, dude).  After dinner Nicole and I headed to Niagara Falls where we had a room overlooking the falls which was a gift from my parents.  The view was really amazing and had a hot tub and a fireplace.  It would be awesome if there was something that you could open to actually hear the falls.

    The next morning we had breakfast and headed to Toronto, a city neither of us had been to in quite some time.  We checked in and immediately wanted to head over to the Hockey Hall of Fame (priorities).  Everything was like ten minutes from our hotel so it was quite convenient.
    The Hall of Fame was pretty cool.  It didn’t have much Sabres stuff, it mostly had exhibits from teams that have achieved things; We got to see the Stanley cup which was super exciting.  Since we are from Buffalo, this is probably the closest we will get…
    They also had cool things for kids and man-kids to do like shoot pucks at a virtual goalie, or block shots from a puck machine.  I totally didn’t want to do it but Nicole made me.  It ended up being sort of fun though.

(Nicole’s Note: Remember when we had Danny Briere and they tried to keep Drury instead?  Where’s Drury?  We all know where Briere is: still LIGHTING IT UP. end rant.)

   The weather in Toronto was very Fall-like.  I was a bit chilly and did not pack correctly.  With the Eaton Center around the corner, it sounded like a good idea to go buy a sweatshirt.  We were able to find a sweatshirt and eat some lunch.  After, we took a stroll around the city and on the way back we noticed that there were about 100 cop cars near the Eaton Center and everything was roped off.  News reporters were all over and hordes of people surrounded the area looking to see what happened.  Apparently in the food court where we were eating, a maniac opened fire killing someone and injuring others.  As of right now, he has not been captured, and this morning the entire block was still roped off.  If only there was an architect present…

Flight takes off in an hour….off to Montreal!

Canada Bound!

    Nicole and I are headed to Montreal for our honeymoon tonight.  I haven’t been on here much because of all the things we had to do prior to leaving, but we are almost ready.  The shops have been closed for a few days and all orders placed on the website will not be processed until June 7th.  I’ll have some pictures posted throughout the week!

New T-shirt!

    The Midnight Society T-shirt for fans of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” is up.  I was going to wait a few days before making it, but once I get something designed, I have to make it immediately.  I can’t wait.  I was initially going to do it on a baby onesie first but decided against it for now.  Its been a while since I’ve posted a new shirt design, so I wanted to get one up for the adults first.  I have also decided to offer this shirt in both guy’s and girl’s sizes.

Ladies style shirt.  Size chart is on our website and in our eBay/Etsy Stores

I will have this in a onesie sometime in the next week or two.  Stay tuned, we have some more great shirts coming out!

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