Back To Normal! Also, WTF?

   Finally the Christmas rush has ended.  This year was pretty insane, the business was just awesome, and I love interacting with customers that send me messages about the product.  Its a great way to hear from everyone and get a little feedback.  The winner this year for our most popular design of the year definitely goes to:

The Life Aquatic Shirt

This shirt was a surprise this year and I ended up selling a bunch of these to the point where I had to pull it temporarily while I caught up.  Hope everyone enjoyed their shirts and has a happy holiday!

And now for my first non commercial blog post in a while:  “WTF”

So our baby has finally started to breast feed.  She didn’t take to the fleshy mounds at first and was a royal pain in the ass.  All of a sudden, she loves it.  This is great and all for my wife who no longer needs to pump out ever ounce of milk the baby consumes and makes her life a lot easier.  The baby frequently will just fall asleep while feeding which is an awesome option…..until its time for me to put her to sleep.  I have to do the traditional rocking and singing while she kicks and screams until passing out.  Its wonderful.  Its bonding.

So my wife and I were sitting around after the baby finally went to sleep.  I said to her, “I wish there was like a fake boob that a man could strap on that had some milk in it, and then the baby just nurses like normal.  That way I can just easily put her to sleep.” We then laughed about how retarded of an idea that was, and then out of curiosity, I looked it up…..and sure enough:

This by far is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen, and talk about confusing your kid.  I don’t think I’d be able to  use this without feeling bad.  It reminds me of this:

Its About that Time! NO L.E.D.s!

    Its getting to be that time of year.  Actually its my favorite time, and today is one of those days where its mid-November and we have a freak day here in Buffalo, where it will be in the 60’s and sunny out!  That can only mean one thing…….

Yes indeed, the lighting of our house….well, not exactly turning them on, but the installation.  There is nothing like grabbing a ladder, a shit load of tangled lights, and a pint of beer to have AFTER the lights involving the ladder are put up.  
I noticed that when I was in my local Home Depot, that there seems to be a steady decrease year to year, in real lights…everything seems to be converting to LED’s which to me, is horrible.  Yeah, I get it….they last a long time, they use less electricity..whatever.  They are ugly…..straight  up ugly.  There is no warmth to their glow, no tradition in their appearance; just nothing.  I will hold out on buying these lights as long as I can. Call me old fashioned…
This morning while drinking some coffee and taking advantage of every second our baby sleeps, I decided to look at the internet for xmas decoration ideas, unique stuff, cool ideas, etc.  Some of what I saw was pretty awesome, some sort of odd….you decide.
Like this…..
Nothing like turning your toilet into a cute xmas character with what appears to be eyes, and antlers and a nose….and a toilet seat mouth…that you will eventually put your fanny on and relieve yourself into……weird.
I’m not a fan of this display per say, but I like the idea of putting something around the door.  My mom always has some sort of pine display around the frame of the door…this may be the newest addition to the house….not sure yet.  Every year I like to add one more thing.
I have already added this to my Amazon wish list so that I don’t forget.  These lights are solor powered!  This is perfect for the tree we have out by the road.  This is definitely something I’m doing this year!
I’ll have pictures of the final display posted here the day after thanksgiving (which is the day I’m allowed to turn on the lights).  Stay Tuned!

Huge Holiday Sale!

I have cut out the bullshit this year.  Black Friday is nonsense.  Cyber Monday is a waste of time.  I’m breaking out the killer deals for the entire month of November.  Don’t wait!  Our Ebay and Etsy stores have been rigged up with onesies starting at $10.00 and T-Shirts starting at just $15.00!   Even our American Apparel line is on sale!

Welcome New Visitors!

     So we started to pay for some ad space in the wild world of the internet.  I figured it was the next logical step.  I started out with a facebook ad and I’ve seen an increase of visitors in all of our shops and on this blog.  Because of this, I decided to do an intro entry.
    We currently have 3 major online stores, our Etsy Shop, our Ebay Store, and our website at  The reason for this is because some folks just feel more comfortable using Etsy or Ebay, so this way they have they option and comfort level.  The prices on our website are the lowest, because we don’t have the additional fees to cover like in Etsy or Ebay, so I can get the customer the lowest price possible.
    All of our products are screen printed , old school.  No computer printed images, all of our products are screen printed with a 100% guarantee.  All of our items ship very quickly and you will generally have your order in a few days (domestic only, international delivery time varies).  All of my clothing is original, my sole reason for starting this company was to make shirts for people who like out of the ordinary things, like myself!
    Any questions that you may have about our products or if you have some kind of request, don’t hesitate to contact me through our website.  I always answer as fast as I can which is usually just a few minutes.  I don’t do custom orders, but if its something like getting a design put on a womens shirt, or a onesie design on a toddler shirt, usually I can accommodate.
    This blog is used for whatever I feel like.  Sometimes I rant about movies, sometimes I use this to show the new shirt designs first, or sometimes even offering a special low price on here. I’ll sometimes write about beer, or food, or recipes.  There is literally no format to this, I just write about whats going on.

Book mark us and bookmark our store for the holidays, we will have the best prices and the coolest gifts around!

December 1st!

   This is the home stretch.  Pretty soon I will be back to blogging again about action movies, beer, and home repair, but for now my time has to be spent getting all of your orders out on time.  I want to thank everyone that has done some holiday shopping with us so far, you are all helping make this our best year yet.
   Some of our top selling designs this year have been:

We will be working on some new designs during any downtime that can be mustered.  Some great ideas on the horizon!  Stay tuned.

Who’s totally excited to stare at things? We are.

   Nicole and I have a guilty pleasure.  One night we were sitting on the couch relaxing, and I sat there flicking through the endless amounts of crappy Netflix movies searching for something to watch.  Finally I stopped on something..and decided to watch it…

Oh yeah… was amazing.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t amazing in that it was REALLY good.  It was amazing in that it was dumbest thing on earth yet oddly captivating.  Every one of these movies uses the “recorded video” effect weather it be a surveillance tape or an annoying character who needs to tape everything that goes on in the house.
   There are so many times in the movie were you just find yourself sitting there..staring at the TV…waiting for something to move or happen.  Minutes will go by, and then you catch yourself doing it…and realize how ridiculous you look!
   I think my favorite part about these films, are the people in them.  Somehow the craziest shit happens in the house; horrific spurts of craziness….and when the spurt ends, there’s always the one asshole that goes, “Lets just go back to sleep, it was nothing.”   Its the best.  It’s so stupid.
  Nicole’s favorite aspect of these movies is the ongoing story.  They have managed to keep the story going through four movies about this demon terrorizing this family over years and years.  When we saw the trailer for the 4th one that was just released, we could not wait to see it.  I’m guessing sometime next week.  If you are looking for something hilarious to watch, check this out, it’s mind numbingly great!
   Sorry about the lack of posts this week, it’s been a crazy week on both a personal level and a business level.  Christmas orders are already coming in, it’s going to be a great year!

Bring on the New Year!

    We hope everyone had a great Holiday this year.  We are eager to get started on some new designs for next year including, finally, black shirt designs!
    This Holiday was a busy one.  In case you are not familiar with the two most famous babies on baby products, there is:

The “Gerber” Baby
The “Super Sweet Shirt Co.” Baby, Jacob Lee Green.
    This year was pretty fun because our Nephew Jake was able to understand the joy of opening presents.  It was really funny to watch because I’m not sure if he actually understood that inside of each present, is a new toy or something for him.  To him, each present was a new and exciting opportunity to tear off wrapping paper.  Who cares whats in it?!

     I went home for Christmas eve and Christmas day to be with my parents and my sister who was home from California.  I was able to see a lot of family that I hadn’t seen in a while which was really nice.  Our Christmas morning has been the same since we were kids, the only difference is that instead of being a little kid wearing goofy pajamas and getting up really early to open gifts, my sister and I are in our early 30’s waking up early in goofy pajamas to open gifts.  It’s pretty awesome.

My sister getting more amazing pajamas for next Christmas morning.

Step-dad Henry with a new ornament to make the tree more manly.

All of the animals flock to my mother making it impossible to move or open gifts.

Christmas dinner with some cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Cousin Andy and his lady.

Busy Busy!

    Christmas orders are starting to come in. Don’t forget to get your orders in as soon as possible to ensure that it arrives on time!  This is my favorite time of year, not just because we get busy, but because I love the holidays,  cookies, snow, tacky lights, gifts, and booze.  I also love special Holiday clothes….like this:

I bought this.  It hasn’t arrived yet….but I keep checking!
  I’m pretty much going to look amazing wearing this.  I will be sure to post a picture as soon as I get it!

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