Welcome New Visitors!

     So we started to pay for some ad space in the wild world of the internet.  I figured it was the next logical step.  I started out with a facebook ad and I’ve seen an increase of visitors in all of our shops and on this blog.  Because of this, I decided to do an intro entry.
    We currently have 3 major online stores, our Etsy Shop, our Ebay Store, and our website at supersweetshirts.com.  The reason for this is because some folks just feel more comfortable using Etsy or Ebay, so this way they have they option and comfort level.  The prices on our website are the lowest, because we don’t have the additional fees to cover like in Etsy or Ebay, so I can get the customer the lowest price possible.
    All of our products are screen printed , old school.  No computer printed images, all of our products are screen printed with a 100% guarantee.  All of our items ship very quickly and you will generally have your order in a few days (domestic only, international delivery time varies).  All of my clothing is original, my sole reason for starting this company was to make shirts for people who like out of the ordinary things, like myself!
    Any questions that you may have about our products or if you have some kind of request, don’t hesitate to contact me through our website.  I always answer as fast as I can which is usually just a few minutes.  I don’t do custom orders, but if its something like getting a design put on a womens shirt, or a onesie design on a toddler shirt, usually I can accommodate.
    This blog is used for whatever I feel like.  Sometimes I rant about movies, sometimes I use this to show the new shirt designs first, or sometimes even offering a special low price on here. I’ll sometimes write about beer, or food, or recipes.  There is literally no format to this, I just write about whats going on.

Book mark us and bookmark our store for the holidays, we will have the best prices and the coolest gifts around!

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