With not much time remaining, we have a nursery!

    Well, we were put through a whirlwind with the burglary, temporarily moving out, and all that madness.  With only a few weeks remaining (possibly earlier), the nursery is finally finished!  We took a disgusting turd of a room and turned it into something awesome.  I have taken the pictures from the other blog posts and compiled all of the process pictures to create this wonderful room.  For a while, when we were trying to sell the house, losing this room before the baby got to see it was brutal on me.  I was doing my best to deal with it, but I couldn’t let go of it.  I slowly started getting more and more angry….

When we had to make a call to stay or possibly not have a place at all for when the baby came, we decided to stay, I love our neighborhood, we just has some super shitty luck.  It was then going to be full speed ahead in finishing the room.  I want to thank all who helped make this possible and who helped us get through the worst two months ever.  It is finally done…

Girl or Boy….. the Bills are in their blood.

Welcome New Visitors!

     So we started to pay for some ad space in the wild world of the internet.  I figured it was the next logical step.  I started out with a facebook ad and I’ve seen an increase of visitors in all of our shops and on this blog.  Because of this, I decided to do an intro entry.
    We currently have 3 major online stores, our Etsy Shop, our Ebay Store, and our website at supersweetshirts.com.  The reason for this is because some folks just feel more comfortable using Etsy or Ebay, so this way they have they option and comfort level.  The prices on our website are the lowest, because we don’t have the additional fees to cover like in Etsy or Ebay, so I can get the customer the lowest price possible.
    All of our products are screen printed , old school.  No computer printed images, all of our products are screen printed with a 100% guarantee.  All of our items ship very quickly and you will generally have your order in a few days (domestic only, international delivery time varies).  All of my clothing is original, my sole reason for starting this company was to make shirts for people who like out of the ordinary things, like myself!
    Any questions that you may have about our products or if you have some kind of request, don’t hesitate to contact me through our website.  I always answer as fast as I can which is usually just a few minutes.  I don’t do custom orders, but if its something like getting a design put on a womens shirt, or a onesie design on a toddler shirt, usually I can accommodate.
    This blog is used for whatever I feel like.  Sometimes I rant about movies, sometimes I use this to show the new shirt designs first, or sometimes even offering a special low price on here. I’ll sometimes write about beer, or food, or recipes.  There is literally no format to this, I just write about whats going on.

Book mark us and bookmark our store for the holidays, we will have the best prices and the coolest gifts around!

Full House Ranger Joe Mr. Woodchuck Onesie!

   One of the projects I had on the 2013 list is the Mr. Woodchuck onesie.  This will be the ultimate for any Full House fan.  I have looked all over online, and there is nothing out there for Ranger Joe and Mr. Woodchuck.  I could not let that be. Ladies and gentlemen……Mr.Woodchuck.

Everyone Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

   We at Super Sweet Shirts would like to wish everyone a safe and happy new year!  Big announcement, if you haven’t noticed, we are slowly adding color options for all the onesies.  The transition is complete in our Etsy store and is almost complete in the eBay store.  The website will be updated shortly after.  All onesies will now have a pink and blue option.  Pretty sweet.
Happy New year!

2 new onesies!

   I’ve been able to get the Super Sweet Shirt co. studio into a working condition with the bare necessities to get the ball rolling again.  Slowly I will be making it more the way that I want as I get more time, but I needed to get things set up so that I could keep up with the orders and make new designs.  I have created two new onesies that I wanted to shamelessly plug on the blog today, both are totally awesome.  I have had many requests from France and Australia to do a Van Damme onesie.  I already do a Van Damme t-shirt but haven’t had a baby onesie until now.  The onesie features Van Damme in fighting pose from “Kickboxer” as Nack Suk Cao (The White Warrior).

The second new onesie is something Nicole had come up with.  I was always a fan of the “Big Wheel”.  It was always something that would make a kids imagination run wild.  I remember riding mine around driveways like it was the open road.  Nicole had come up with the idea of “Heck’s Angels”.  I totally fell in love with the idea and designed the little logo.

Both of these designs are available in the eBay and Etsy stores, along with our website at http://www.supersweetshirts.com .

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