2 new onesies!

   I’ve been able to get the Super Sweet Shirt co. studio into a working condition with the bare necessities to get the ball rolling again.  Slowly I will be making it more the way that I want as I get more time, but I needed to get things set up so that I could keep up with the orders and make new designs.  I have created two new onesies that I wanted to shamelessly plug on the blog today, both are totally awesome.  I have had many requests from France and Australia to do a Van Damme onesie.  I already do a Van Damme t-shirt but haven’t had a baby onesie until now.  The onesie features Van Damme in fighting pose from “Kickboxer” as Nack Suk Cao (The White Warrior).

The second new onesie is something Nicole had come up with.  I was always a fan of the “Big Wheel”.  It was always something that would make a kids imagination run wild.  I remember riding mine around driveways like it was the open road.  Nicole had come up with the idea of “Heck’s Angels”.  I totally fell in love with the idea and designed the little logo.

Both of these designs are available in the eBay and Etsy stores, along with our website at http://www.supersweetshirts.com .

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