Let the Summer Activities Begin: Larkin Square Food Truck Tuesdays

   There is so much to do in Buffalo when the good weather hits.  One of the newer things to do is Food Truck Tuesday at Larkin Square.  This city has a plethora of food trucks now, and they all get together on Tuesdays in what was like a mini taste of Buffalo.  If you haven’t been to Larkin Square, its impressive.  An area of what was once just old warehouses, is being turned into something really cool.  Larkin Square now hosts events on different days of the week basically offering folks a chance to come down, have a beer, and hang out.  It seems to get nicer and nicer each year.

taken from larkinsquare.com
As you can see there is a ton to choose from!  When we got there, Nicole made a bee-line to the Betty Crockski truck for perogies and sausage (pretty much her favorite food).  This was one of the newer trucks that we hadn’t had a chance to try.

    Nicole said the food was average, not terrible, not amazing. I didn’t get a chance to try a bite of hers because when I returned from grabbing a beer, she was finished with it.  Speaking of beer, there isn’t much variety, but I was able to have the Rusty Chain from Flying Bison which I’m not all that fond of, but I’ll drink it if I have to.
    It was time for me to choose something to eat.  I couldn’t go crazy and try a bunch of things due to my diet, but I was going to indulge in something tasty.  I decided to go with, “Le Petit Poutine” from Rochester.

I wasn’t really a fan of it.  I like my Poutine to have delicious melted cheese, this was served with chucks of curd which isn’t really my favorite.  The portion was decent, but it was basically a $10.00 container of fries and gravy.  Mine had pulled pork on it, but not much.  $10.00 was high in comparison to the other trucks.
    The covered area of Larkin Square is loaded with comfortable places to sit, but every spot was taken.  There is a stage where performers do their thing.  When we were there, there were break dancers which was sort of lame, but they get all kinds of acts there.
    Overall, I highly suggest checking this out on a Thursday.  Its easy to park, its easy to get around because its nice and spread out, and its a good opportunity to kick back and try some food.

Memorial Day Weekend!

   Hopefully everyone is having a great long weekend.  I’m not sure where everyone else lives that is reading this, but here in Buffalo, NY it is fantastic outside.  Memorial Day always ends up being the welcoming of great weather and other awesome things.  Yesterday was one of the first days where I got to really enjoy an entire day of activities with my daughter.  Maybe that sounds odd…I guess what I’m trying to say, is that it was one of the first days that we were able to go hang out around the city with Amelia, where I was confident she was having a really good time.  Like you can take a new baby and go out somewhere, but its not the same as when the baby gets to be that age where you can see that she is reacting to the environment around her, showing signs of “having fun”, smiling at people, seeing new things.  It was really awesome.
    We started off first thing in the morning with a trip to the Elmwood/Bidwell farmer’s market.  It occurs every Saturday in the park starting around mid May.  If you ever visit the city and are here on a Saturday, its worth going to.  The market is loaded with flowers and plants, baked goods, wine, beer, cheese, salsa, free range meats and produce from local farms.  All being sold in the beautiful Bidwell Park, in the heart of the Elmwood Village.  For this activity we used the stroller with Amelia as it would serve us well for stroage.

My wife snatching up some rhubarb for a delicious pie.
We walked out of the Farmer’s Market with pork chops, flowers for our garden, 2 growlers of beer, and some rhubarb.  The entire time, the baby was all smiles, taking in everything.  We headed home with our stuff and the baby took her little nap. 
    Once Amelia woke up, she had her lunch, then it was back to the village for a coffee.  This time we changed it up, and used the device where I basically wear the baby.  During her nap I went and ran 8 miles, I didn’t take that into consideration when I strapped 20+ pounds onto my chest for another stroll around town.  It was painful, but enjoyable.  Of course our trip out for coffee was immediately altered by the food truck party that seemed to be happening.  One awesome thing about our city, is that we have a plethora of food trucks that serve top notch food.  I’m not talking about those shitty pickup trucks that drive from work site to work site selling terrible instant foods that you get at a gas station.  These are straight up mobile kitchens with restaurant caliber food.  Its pretty awesome.  We decided to go with the mac and cheese truck, “Fally Mac.”
Check out the menu:
p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }
Mac & Cheese:

The Plain Jane Plain mac and parmesan crumbs, classic.

Oh Gee Mac N’ Chee! Enjoy hot sauce on mac? Try this out.

Summer Roll Mac (vegan) Sweet and spicy thai flavors.

Beef & Weck Mac Like the sandwich, you’ll love the mac.

Green Apple Mac Sharp cheddar, tart apples, yummy times.

Pink Lobster Mac Made with love –oh, and of course lobster.

Not Mac & Cheese:

Thai Basil Tomato Soup: Tomato soup with a tasty twist.

Edamame Succotash: Sufferin’ succotash, this stuffs good!

Meatloaf on Ciabatta: A classic homemade favorite, now grilled.

We both went with the Beef & Weck Mac.  Nicole had actually gotten it the last time we saw the truck and it was delicious.  This time, it was just as delicious, but a little watery.  We did however choose prime lunch time and the truck had a line of people around it. It was really busy.  No complaints though, it was delicious.

Full speed ahead with this little baby!
I love this kid.
Waiting for some mac and cheese.

After the mac and cheese, we grabbed some coffee and headed home.  Again, another outing where the baby had a great time out and about, no issues!  We went home, did some playing, and she went down for another nap.  When she woke up, we did more playing, fed her some dinner and decided to test our luck.  The Dinosaur BBQ had recently opened their Buffalo location, and we had yet to pay it a visit.  It’s hard when you have a little one.  We decided to call up our two friends to meet us out and headed down.  This was going to be a true test because we would be arriving at the Dinosaur at around 5.  Amelia’s bedtime is usually around 6:30-7pm.  The closer you get, the more unpleasant she becomes. When we arrived, we were sat instantly.  Amelia was having the best time.  She thought she was the coolest.  We would be taking, and you would look over and she would be just looking at you with a huge shit eating grin on her face, leaning back, totally cool.

The day ended up being fantastic!  An entire day just hanging out with me wife and kid.  I enjoyed every second of it.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Happy Birthday! Wooden 6 Pack from Rustic Creek Products

   My wife knows me well.  We joke often about how I’m super easy to buy a gift for for the holidays or for my birthday.  I’m just constantly into tons of things.  One thing that is pretty consistent with me is my love for really good beer.  My stepfather is also a beer advocate, so often there are times when I head over to his house with some select beers from home.  Normally I look around for an old empty 6 pack cardboard and then just fill it with random beers.  Not any more.

From Rustic Creek Wood Products

This nifty device not only makes it easy to carry some select beverages to my destination, but it also has a sweet old fashioned opener on the side of it.  Mine of course came equipped with 6 awesome beers that my wife has researched before getting.  This is a great gift for any beer lover!

For all Adult fans of "Road House"…

   Like I said in the previous post for the “Road House” onesie, my goal for a while was to design a pretty sweet T-Shirt for this movie.  I started with the onesie because I had an idea what I wanted to do for that, but the shirt was still up in the air.  Browsing the google images for Swayze, I found a picture that I liked and figured I could do something to.  The end result…totally sweet:

This is available in our Etsy, eBay, and website!  Remember, prices are the lowest on our website because we don’t get slapped with fees!

Heiress to the throne….of supersweetshirts!

    The time has come.  Yesterday was a day of intense labor for my wife.  Its a crazy feeling being couped up in a room for 14+ hours watching your wife endour waves of pain.  As a man, you kind of sit there and offer support, you comfort and offer words of encouragment, and basically you kind of realize how incredible mothers are.  To actually see a woman, my wife, do that entire grueling process, was just amazing.  Now I have an incredible little girl, the Heiress to the Throne of the Super Sweet Shirt Co, Amelia Rose!

Can’t get this out of my mind…

    I have a lot on my mind these days.  The major one is that I have a kid on the way that is due any day now.  I also have the holiday rush here at supersweetshirts.com happening any day now as well.  With all of this going on, there is a third thing that was brought to my attention just this week that I cannot get out of my mind as well….

Let’s talk about how awesome this is.   Of course my primary reason for blogging is to occasionally mention the awesome products at supersweetshirts.com and also at our etsy store , but occasionally a product comes around that is well deserved of a third party plug.  “TapIt Cap” is worthy of this.  Its like a mini draft system for your home.  I love growlers, but a big reason as to why I don’t get them more often, is because I can’t finish it up fast enough to maintain the freshness.  Let me modify that statement, I CAN finish a growler without a problem, but maybe I just want a pint or two?  Maybe every time I open a growler, I don’t want to get bombed.  This device will keep your growler fresh and let you drink at your own leisure!  Genius! The best part?  Its not even that expensive retailing at 45.00 at Tapitcap.com .  This is a great gift for any beer lover!  On a side note, the perfect gift to go along with this would be:

Available in our etsy store!

Where Have I been!?

   Ohhhhhh what a couple of months this has been.  First off, I haven’t posted in so long, I probably lost the regulars.  There has been good reason.  Well not “good”, it was actually horrible.  Over a month ago, I was working on the third floor of our place, and we were broken into/robbed.  This happened in broad daylight.  This basically through our whole world into an upheaval.  Not that I was afraid….I mean after all, I’m bad ass, but basically it was the second time its happened to us.  So in  a nutshell, I had to move the super sweet shirt company into a temporary location, breaking my normal routine, but working hard to make sure all orders were completed and on time.  Things are winding down now and should be getting back to normal over the next few weeks, blog posts should be more regular, and new designs should start trickling from the depths of my brain.

I should have been more prepared….

This Is More Like It…

    Living in Buffalo, you get to hear all the stereotypes about our city, one in particular being the weather.  I’ll admit, there is a history to the weather stereotype but it isn’t nearly as bad as they make it out to be.  The past few years have been almost depressing with barely any snow and green holidays.  I couldn’t live in a state that didn’t get snow.
    This year was looking to be the same as last year with a lack of snow and unseasonably warm temperatures.  Until last night.  Finally we got trampled, as last night’s storm rampaged through the area dropping a foot of snow.  It was pretty awesome.  My wife doesn’t share my enthusiasm and thinks I’m crazy when I show genuine excitement at the opportunity to go shovel.  I love it.  As a child, you get to see the snow fall, you bundle up, and you go play outside.  As an adult, unless you have a kid, you can’t just bundle up and go play in the snow (unless you want your neighbors to think that you’re an idiot).  So you have to bundle up and go shovel, but I like it.  I like getting blasted in the face with fresh powder. I like the fact that I have snow and ice collecting in my beard while my nose runs uncontrollably.  Most of all, I love the feeling that you get when you finish shoveling, and you bundle up and sit on the couch with some hot chocolate or tea.

The Christmas season is over, so the blog posts will resume as regular from now on.  I will get back to blogging about shirt ideas, food recipes, beer, gadgets, and action movies.  My wife and I have started making new recipes for dinner at night.  I plan on blogging them with pictures to share our success and our failures.  Happy New Year!

-Super Sweet Shirt Co.

A Little Over a Week Left!

    I want to thank everyone who bought gifts from us this year helping to make this our biggest year to date.  It makes things exciting going into the new year as we have loads of new ideas to roll out for T-shirts and the little ones.  If you have not ordered yet and need a last minute gift, you have a few days left.  Every order placed from here on out will be sent Priority Mail (2-3 days) on us.   Happy Holidays!!!!

First Year in the House Retrospect: The Dining Room

    The dining room was a big job.  Between the new floor, the leveling of the floor, the plaster removal, the water damage repair, and the hard stuck-o ceiling, this job was long and tiring.  We had to use a steamer to get the old wallpaper off which had to be like 30 years old or more.  We were able to turn this dining room into something pretty awesome.  All we have left is the floor molding.

This bay window was totally messed up.  There was a leak in the roof which leaked down in to the dining room and destroyed the plaster.  It all has to get ripped down and drywalled along with stopping the leak.

The table we ordered from worldmarket.com.  We always wanted a table like this with the old style wood.  The chandelier we bought for a few bucks at the thrift store.  Nicole touched it up and painted it, like new. 

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