First Year in the House Retrospect: The Dining Room

    The dining room was a big job.  Between the new floor, the leveling of the floor, the plaster removal, the water damage repair, and the hard stuck-o ceiling, this job was long and tiring.  We had to use a steamer to get the old wallpaper off which had to be like 30 years old or more.  We were able to turn this dining room into something pretty awesome.  All we have left is the floor molding.

This bay window was totally messed up.  There was a leak in the roof which leaked down in to the dining room and destroyed the plaster.  It all has to get ripped down and drywalled along with stopping the leak.

The table we ordered from  We always wanted a table like this with the old style wood.  The chandelier we bought for a few bucks at the thrift store.  Nicole touched it up and painted it, like new. 

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