Oh man I’m glad its Friday, this week has been draining.  Over the next two weeks, we will be focusing on the Toddler section of our site.  I received a few orders for Toddler shirts this week and was immediately embarrassed that the Toddler webpage looked as terrible as it did.  Thanks to the people that looked at that and still wanted to order!  The pictures of the shirts on that section of our webpage were horrendous, you couldn’t tell what colors the shirts were not to mention, 90% of the colors/styles were discontinued.  Over the next two weeks that section is under complete overhaul and it will look fantastic when its finished.
    Also for blog readers that like it when we post home improvement projects, we have started renovation in another room.  The room that used to be my office has begun demolition.  The room was way too big to be my office and I pretty much hated being in there.  I moved my office into a smaller room and began tearing the room apart.  I made the vow that there will be no messing around in there.  This house was loaded with archaic electrical situations, terrible dry walling, and the floors are awful as well.

The previous owners drywalled over the plaster to hide the wallpaper and damaged plaster. This is a common practice but do it right….don’t drywall around the woodwork or it looks like this……kill me.
Our bedroom and the old office have lights like this….no switch…just this rope hanging from the ceiling.  I have had enough of this as well….I’m going to rewire the ceiling to a switch.

………………. plus the plaster is cracked.  This will need to be addressed as well.  Oh and do you see that to the left…?

…yeah this. We are almost 100% positive that this gorgeous paneling is hiding something as well. Oh the anticipation!

More to come on this!

First Year in the House Retrospect: The Dining Room

    The dining room was a big job.  Between the new floor, the leveling of the floor, the plaster removal, the water damage repair, and the hard stuck-o ceiling, this job was long and tiring.  We had to use a steamer to get the old wallpaper off which had to be like 30 years old or more.  We were able to turn this dining room into something pretty awesome.  All we have left is the floor molding.

This bay window was totally messed up.  There was a leak in the roof which leaked down in to the dining room and destroyed the plaster.  It all has to get ripped down and drywalled along with stopping the leak.

The table we ordered from  We always wanted a table like this with the old style wood.  The chandelier we bought for a few bucks at the thrift store.  Nicole touched it up and painted it, like new. 

There are still good people around.

    After work yesterday, I packed up my ratty old back pack with some orders that needed to be taken to the post office, stuck my wallet into my back pocket, and hopped onto my cruiser bicycle to go drop off the mail.  When I arrive at the post office, I lock up my bike and reach into my back pocket to grab my wallet, only to find emptiness.  My wallet had fallen out of my pocket during the ride.  All of my credit cards were in there and my I.D. card.  Luckily I never carry cash, but the panic soon took over and I started running the route that I took to get there, leaving my bike at the post office.  After retracing my steps, the results were negative.  It was gone.  I gathered the numbers for all of my cards and cancelled them.  This was a true bummer.
   About an hour later the doorbell rang.  A younger kid was standing at the door with my wallet in his hand.  I was truly amazed.  I never even imagined for a second that it would ever be a possibility.  Thanks again.

   The drywall work is moving right along in the main foyer.  For the most part, it has been relatively easy, with only a few hiccups here and there.  I ran in to one minor problem.  One of the pipes in the wall was not pushed back far enough and it was pushing the drywall out.  I had to shave down a section of the drywall so that it would lay correctly.  With a little mud work, it shouldn’t be noticeable.

I am hung.

    The drywall is all hung in the dining room.  Two days off of work and two full days working in the dining room.  All the drywall is up and is partially taped.  We are moving pretty fast on this room.  Today after work I started pulling the wallpaper off the wall on the upper portion.  I thought this would be a nightmare but I was totally wrong.  Most of it came off in huge portions and the spots that were stubborn, I used a curtain steamer that Nicole had.  It worked like a charm, even though sometimes it would spit boiling water on my hand causing me to cuss violently.  Luckily I didn’t have to use it all that much.  Saturday, Nicole is going over to her mom’s house to do some pumpkin related activities with her little nephew and I am going to get another full days work in there, taping and mudding, only this time (because it is Saturday) I will be consuming beer while doing it thus bringing a smile to my face.

Some of the seams aren’t  lined up at the moment because of old house shifting, but with some trimming and mud tricks, I’ll get it looking like the 

Not much I can say about this one.  Looks good to me!

 Tonight Nicole came home with a fall decoration that is amazing.  An Anise Wreath.  I love Anise.  I keep sniffing it.  I want to lick it. I love Anise.  The Wreath was pretty expensive the first time we noticed it at Target.  She found it on clearance for a fraction of the price.  Now we own it and this weekend we will hang it up.

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