The Roku 3!

   I’m a tech geek, not to the point where I’m just blowing cash on stupid devices for no reason, but I indulge in technology when there are new advances in things that I love, typically viewing entertainment.  The Roku 3 is definitely a step towards perfection for a media box.

   We first got the Roku 2 a little over a year ago and I did a review of it on this blog.  Over time, I became less impressed with it as it frequently gave me problems and had a difficult time latching onto a strong wireless connection.  It was pretty annoying, but I dealt with it.  When we lost the remote for it when packing, I used it as a good excuse to replace it with the Roku 3.  I was interested in this device for a number of reasons, two being: the great reviews on Amazon and the Wifi Booster (I don’t think its technically called that, but you get the idea).  With the terrible reception of the wifi the first time around, I wanted something with some balls this time around.  So I took a chance with the Roku 3.
  The Roku 3 retails at about $99.00 and is the Cadillac of the Roku products.  It comes with a remote that is cable of motion control actions when playing Roku App Games, and also has the ability to plug in headphones to watch a movie, and the headphones plug right into the remote.  This option is pretty awesome if you want to crank some stereo sound while your kid is sleeping.  I’m sure I’ll be trying this out in my future.
I am a month into using this little gem and I am super impressed.  So impressed that we have cut the chord on cable/satellite.  No more nonsense cable bill!  In reality, I turned the cable box on for 1 reason, sports.  I watch Hockey and Football. With the Roku I was able to get the NHL Gamecenter Live Package (which I will review later this week).  This allowed me to get my hockey in HD, and gave me the excuse I needed to get rid of my cable provider.  
The Roku 3 works flawlessly with Neflix, Amazon Prime, and all other apps I have tried.  It is a great step in the “a la carte” direction that entertainment is going in, and with the Spotify App, its almost the complete package.

Things I meant to post from the past week…

   I meant to post these things earlier in the week but had forgotten to.  A few cool things went on last weekend:

              -Week 1 of the NFL.
              -City of Night:  An art show event in the old Buffalo grain elevators.

   Football is pretty serious here in Buffalo even though it seems that each year we come closer and closer to losing our team.  While we have a team though, we decided to make week 1 a major event in our household.  My friend Justin brought over 3 monster racks of ribs to BBQ while I picked up the chicken along with the Cajun corn, corn bread, and BBQ beans.  Oh man.  It was amazing.  We had to get a really early start because the ribs take so long to cook.  We started cooking around 10 am.  The perfect time for a Foster’s Breakfast Stout.

Totally not my picture.  I was too excited at the time and drank it before I could take a picture…

    If you are able to get this beer in your area, I highly recommend it.  It is a stout with amazing rich flavors of coffee, chocolate, and oatmeal.  It is nothing short of phenomenal.   We read online numerous ways to cook ribs, the most ideal way would be to grill them on coals.  Unfortunately I have a gas grill, so we had to change the methods a little bit.  We started cooking them in the oven for almost 2 hours and then finished them off on the grill.  We also placed a pan with some water in the oven to help not dry out the meat.  When we finished them off on the grill, it was a bit challenging because there was a grease fire every few minutes, but with skills of some ex-Applebees cooks, we were able to get through it. 
Our friends Molly and Pat also joined us bringing over a S’mores cake that was super delicious.  All of the food was great and it was great watching football again, unfortunately the game was awful and the Bills got destroyed.  Better luck next week.  I won’t be able to watch next week because Nicole and I will be in Chicago.

Getting the corn bread ready.

Ric is waiting for us to drop the ribs.

Luckily the char was mostly just BBQ sauce, the ribs didn’t burn.

   Last Saturday night I rode my bike downtown to the old grain elevators where they were having an event.  I went by myself because Nicole wasn’t feeling well, but it was a nice experience regardless mainly because it was such a nice night and it gave me an excuse to take a bike ride through the city.  It was truly my favorite part of the outing.  When I actually arrived at the event, I didn’t stay too long, but it was definitely cool.  Some people don’t understand the grain elevators, after all, they are just grain elevators right? Whats the big deal?  These structures are a part of our cities history, and are really something to see in person.  I guess you either care about stuff like that or you don’t, but I enjoy these things about Buffalo.

I was there early. This was around 6:30-ish, the event lasted until 2am.  I’m guessing it got busier later.

Artists were scattered all over displaying their work.  Some pretty cool stuff.

My favorite part of the outing was the bike ride along the waterfront.


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