Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Shirt

    Another new shirt out this week as I strive to get a few new items out before the holiday rush.  This Mystery Science Theatre 3000 inspired shirt would be an awesome gift for any fan of the show.  We have made this available in both American Apparel Creme and Standard Gildan off-white/creme.  This has been posted in our Etsy, eBay, and website at .  Remember, the lowest prices are always on our website!

New Doctor Who onesie!

   I am super excited to bring you this new onesie as I am a huge fan of Doctor Who.  This onesie fits in well with out super nerdy onesie series.  In our shops we offer the “Little Captain” onesie featuring Captain Picard, our “Little #1” onesie featuring Will Riker, and now this sweet 2 colored Doctor Who tribute, “Little Time Lord”.

This gift will steal the show for any Dr. Who fan having a kid.  This is now available in our ebay and etsy stores and will be up on our main website soon.

New Mad Max Shirt!

   I’m not sure why it took so long to put this one out, I should almost be ashamed of myself.  Whatever the reason may be, I bring you the new Mad Max shirt.  This shirt rules.  Printed on a green t-shirt, this shirt will be a total conversation starter.  This is currently available in our Etsy store and eBay store and will be up on the main site sometime this week.

Action Movie 100: Whats next?

   This is going to be tough coming off of such a great movie.  I’m sure these next two are good, particularly the first of the two: “Highlander”.  I have realized that even though I am familiar with Highlander, I had never actually seen the original movie.  I had seen the TV shows, but never the original movie.  It was always something that I wasn’t too into but had friends that loved it, like this guy:

Justin loves Highlander.

So sticking to my original pact (that I would watch everything on this list that I hadn’t seen minus the obscure old kung-fu flicks), I watched the trailer to see if I could get totally excited about checking it out.  I totally am not excited.  Someone help me get excited about sitting through “Highlander”.

I should have my thoughts on my first time viewing “Highlander” sometime next week.

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