Action Movie 100: Whats next?

   This is going to be tough coming off of such a great movie.  I’m sure these next two are good, particularly the first of the two: “Highlander”.  I have realized that even though I am familiar with Highlander, I had never actually seen the original movie.  I had seen the TV shows, but never the original movie.  It was always something that I wasn’t too into but had friends that loved it, like this guy:

Justin loves Highlander.

So sticking to my original pact (that I would watch everything on this list that I hadn’t seen minus the obscure old kung-fu flicks), I watched the trailer to see if I could get totally excited about checking it out.  I totally am not excited.  Someone help me get excited about sitting through “Highlander”.

I should have my thoughts on my first time viewing “Highlander” sometime next week.

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