Goodbye Windows 7!

  When not making shirts for you folks and during the off times that my daughter is asleep, I basically spend my personal time on the computer.  I’ve been teaching myself to code, researching  the ins and outs of networks, and really learning loads of stuff each day.  One thing that I found that kept annoying me was Windows.  Most of the stuff I was reading referred to Linux.  At first, I would mess around with Linux on Virtualbox.  Virtualbox is awesome because it gives you the option to run a second operating system on your existing one.  So I had Windows 7 and I was able to play around with Linux.  After a few days I said, “Screw it.” Enough of Windows.
  The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me.  I hated Windows 7.  I hated Windows in general.  My sister and I would argue, Windows vs Mac all the time, and I would stand by the side of Windows and defend it.  Don’t get me wrong, I hate Mac still (and Apple in general) but I am finished with Windows.  I’m not some fanboy that hates Apple and loves Microsoft (or vice versa).  I Just want something that works, works for a long time, and doesn’t rip me off with new bullshit releases that break the bank.  I fancied myself over to the Ubuntu website and downloaded the ISO, burned it to a DVD, and soon enough, I wiped out my old operating system and said “hello” to Ubuntu!  Its like complete freedom.  Let me tell you why Ubuntu is so awesome.

1) Its free
2) You don’t have to buy an Office Suite, it comes with OpenOffice.
3) You are free from virus’s (I know its still technically possible but super rare, just like with Macs) so you don’t need a bunch of shit anti virus programs that eat up RAM and fail to catch anything because they are constantly out of date.
4) Any bugs that you come across, you won’t have to wait years for a fix. Ubuntu is open source, fix’s can be tracked down in Ubuntu.
5) You don’t have to yank your hair out restarting your system all the time, you almost never have to with Ubuntu.
6) Load of free software for anything you need at the click of a button.  The Ubuntu Software Center on your desktop has tons of great stuff, all free.
7) You can still run your favourite Windows programs if there isn’t an alternate Linux version.  There is a great program called “Wine” which you use to open any Windows program you would like to use.
8) All upgrades for Ubuntu are free of cost.
9) If you get stuck with any problem, just join the Ubuntu forum.  The people in there are awesome and can help you with any issue you have.  I’ve found that the issues I’ve come across were all quick fixes from the command terminal.
10) No more bullshit defragging the hard drive.

Using Ubuntu on the VirtualBox gave me a taste of what it was like.  I started reading some books on it, and doing some basic research.  Then I decided that there wouldn’t be a better way to learn than just diving in, getting rid of my old operating system, and forcing myself to learn this one because it would be all I had.  So that is what I did.  I love it. My computer is super quick, I haven’t come across one limitation yet.  If you have some spare time on your hands, check out VirtualBox and mess around with Linux.  I’m going to start doing some basic tutorials on some thing with this blog.  I am not an expert by far, but I’d love to share what I have picked up and learn/interact with other users.  More to come!

Happy New Year!

    This has been one hell of a year for The Super Sweet Shirt Co.  Between having a baby, trying to move, and staying active with new designs, this was possibly the most exhausting year yet.  We crushed last years holiday sales and have been getting awesome feedback.  Thanks to some of the feedback we got, I am excited to announce that we will be slowly offering some designs on youth sizes.  I’m not sure yet in terms of specifics, but they will be all American Apparel as we hope to slowly shift most of products to this brand because it rules.
    For this blog, I am going to be trying to get more of a schedule on this.  This blog will still be just a place for cheap plugs but also a blog for guys like me to read.  Technology, movies, parenting, beer, music, and more.  Stay tuned!

Back To Normal! Also, WTF?

   Finally the Christmas rush has ended.  This year was pretty insane, the business was just awesome, and I love interacting with customers that send me messages about the product.  Its a great way to hear from everyone and get a little feedback.  The winner this year for our most popular design of the year definitely goes to:

The Life Aquatic Shirt

This shirt was a surprise this year and I ended up selling a bunch of these to the point where I had to pull it temporarily while I caught up.  Hope everyone enjoyed their shirts and has a happy holiday!

And now for my first non commercial blog post in a while:  “WTF”

So our baby has finally started to breast feed.  She didn’t take to the fleshy mounds at first and was a royal pain in the ass.  All of a sudden, she loves it.  This is great and all for my wife who no longer needs to pump out ever ounce of milk the baby consumes and makes her life a lot easier.  The baby frequently will just fall asleep while feeding which is an awesome option…..until its time for me to put her to sleep.  I have to do the traditional rocking and singing while she kicks and screams until passing out.  Its wonderful.  Its bonding.

So my wife and I were sitting around after the baby finally went to sleep.  I said to her, “I wish there was like a fake boob that a man could strap on that had some milk in it, and then the baby just nurses like normal.  That way I can just easily put her to sleep.” We then laughed about how retarded of an idea that was, and then out of curiosity, I looked it up…..and sure enough:

This by far is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen, and talk about confusing your kid.  I don’t think I’d be able to  use this without feeling bad.  It reminds me of this:

Beer Watch: Bronx Brewery Pale Ale

   Over the summer, my parents gave me an old fridge that was in their garage.  I also had a wife that (rightly so) complained about me hogging the fridge space with all my beer.  So it only made sense to put a second fridge in my basement dedicated to the housing of delicious beers.  I am an I.P.A. drinker, but the problem with that is, you really cant keep a large amount of I.P.As in there because they really should be consumed as fresh as possible.  You don’t want to let them age.  I have started broadening my horizons when choosing beers to bring home, branching out to stouts and other things.  While at the beer store, there was a rep from Bronx Brewery handing out some samples of their Pale Ale and the Scotch Ale.  I sampled both beers which were poured from a growler they brought.  The Pale Ale was full and delicious.  A nice balance of malts and hops, and for an American Pal Ale (which I normally hate), it was very good.  The Scotch Ale was also impressive, but like the Pale Ale, it didn’t taste like your traditional Scotch Ale.  It resembled more of a malt heavy I.P.A.
   Both beers out of the growler tasted pretty good, but when I got home and cracked open a can, the taste was dramatically different.  It wasn’t awful by no means, but was not something that I’d probably revisit.  The Pale Ale that I purchased was overly malty, and resembled my first home brew batch that I had done last year.  After the first can, I was on the fence, and hoped that my second can would be a little better.  It was actually worse.  This could have been my palate at the time, and I have two cans left (4 pack) to decide, but my overall impression of this beer currently, is that it falls short of being decent.  A valiant effort.

With not much time remaining, we have a nursery!

    Well, we were put through a whirlwind with the burglary, temporarily moving out, and all that madness.  With only a few weeks remaining (possibly earlier), the nursery is finally finished!  We took a disgusting turd of a room and turned it into something awesome.  I have taken the pictures from the other blog posts and compiled all of the process pictures to create this wonderful room.  For a while, when we were trying to sell the house, losing this room before the baby got to see it was brutal on me.  I was doing my best to deal with it, but I couldn’t let go of it.  I slowly started getting more and more angry….

When we had to make a call to stay or possibly not have a place at all for when the baby came, we decided to stay, I love our neighborhood, we just has some super shitty luck.  It was then going to be full speed ahead in finishing the room.  I want to thank all who helped make this possible and who helped us get through the worst two months ever.  It is finally done…

Girl or Boy….. the Bills are in their blood.

Where Have I been!?

   Ohhhhhh what a couple of months this has been.  First off, I haven’t posted in so long, I probably lost the regulars.  There has been good reason.  Well not “good”, it was actually horrible.  Over a month ago, I was working on the third floor of our place, and we were broken into/robbed.  This happened in broad daylight.  This basically through our whole world into an upheaval.  Not that I was afraid….I mean after all, I’m bad ass, but basically it was the second time its happened to us.  So in  a nutshell, I had to move the super sweet shirt company into a temporary location, breaking my normal routine, but working hard to make sure all orders were completed and on time.  Things are winding down now and should be getting back to normal over the next few weeks, blog posts should be more regular, and new designs should start trickling from the depths of my brain.

I should have been more prepared….

Its 2013 and I’ve just discovered Podcasts

    A friend of mine kept telling me to check out Pod-casts, but I never really gave it any thought.  It always seemed like a pain in the ass.  I mean I’m pretty tech savvy, so it wasn’t that I didn’t know how to use pod-casts, it just didn’t seem worth my time, plus in my mind – if you couldnt be on satellite radio or regular radio, than you must just be terrible anyway.  Yeah…I was wrong.  I’m actually finding that its totally opposite. Besides the Stern show, everything on radio is really terrible, and the pod-cast world is just great.  There are so many Pod-cast shows that its hard to tell you what is worth listening to, mainly because you can literally listen to whatever you are interested in.
    If you have a smart phone, I suggest getting Podkicker from your app store, its free. Once you get it, its pretty effortless to add Pod-casts:

The main page will show you what you’re subscribed to.


You can do a search for whatever you want and it will generate shows associated with your search and with a one click option to subscribe.
Your new subscription will appear on your main page after your refresh the screen.

Once you click into your show of choice, you have hours of entertainment at your fingertips!

Some of the pod-casts worth listening to:

The Nerdist:  This pod-cast did it for me.  I listened to one episode and I was hooked.  The show is hosted by the guy that hosts “Talking Dead”, Chris Hardwick, and there are almost 350 episodes archived to listen to.  The show gets a massive amount of guests from big-time music artists, wrestlers, and major actors.  The thing that drew me into this show was the fact that these famous people come on, and they are totally unfiltered.  I’m not sure if they just let it all hang out because they think that nobody is listening to these, or because its a super comfortable format to get interviewed on, but it makes for an entertaining show every time.  Great show, I highly recommend it.

The Steve Austin Show:  You don’t have to be into wrestling to enjoy this show.  Almost everyone knows who Steve Austin is whether its from reality TV, wrestling, or action movies.  The bottom line is, Steve Austin is exactly how he appears in real life as he is on TV.  So to hear him unplugged is really an experience better heard in person, than for me to just tell you on here.  This show is awesome and it will totally get a laugh out of you.

Hollywood Babble-On:   If you are a fan of Kevin Smith, you will love this show or any of the Kevin Smith broadcasts from SModcast.

Obviously there are hundreds of great shows to listen to, but I’ll start with these.  If you do a lot of listening on your ipod, phone, or PC throughout the day, check out some of these.

Black Friday!

    This is it.  I’m giving the Black Friday Code out today for the Etsy store only!.  Don’t try to use it before 10pm Thursday because it will not work, I wasn’t born yesterday!  This is our thanks to the blog readers and Facebook followers.  The code is 25% each item. Here’s the breakdown:


$12.00 Long Sleeve Onesies = $9.00
$11.00 Short Sleeve Onesies=  $8.25
$14.00 Shirts = $10.50
$15.00 Shirts = $11.25
$16.00 Shirts = $12.00
$17.00 Shirts = $12.75

The code:

This baby gets activated 10pm Thanksgiving and goes 10pm Friday.

Thanks again to everyone supporting small business this Holiday!  You will blow people’s minds when giving the gift of our shirts and onesies this year!

Brando Shirt

    I had been working some Brando art for the past 3 days trying to get an idea as to how I wanted the shirt to look. If you have seen “Apocalypse Now”, you are well aware of the many things that Marlon Brando’s character says.  His lines were amazing and they were delivered incredibly.  It’s a true classic. I wanted to pay tribute to Brando with this shirt and decided that I was going to use a similar design that I had once used years ago with a Jack Kerouac shirt I had done.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and received some good feedback on it from people via Facebook.  If you haven’t found us on Facebook yet be sure to “Like” us to get first updates on all new shirts and projects.

This shirt is now available in our etsy and ebay stores and will be on the main website very soon.  We have also made the shirt available here on our blog.

Small $17.00 USD Medium $17.00 USD Large $17.00 USD X-Large $17.00 USD XXL $18.00 USD

No Retreat, No Surrender 2: OMG this is awful.

    I made it through “No Retreat, No Surrender 2: Raging Thunder” and it was beyond awful.  It had NOTHING to do with the first movie.  Some parts were so bad that I couldn’t help but laugh.  This “sequel” has Scott Wylde, an American kickboxer, going to Cambodia to rescue his girlfriend from Russian and Vietnamese troops.  Scott Wylde is played by Loren Avedon, who might possibly be the worst actor ever.  He was built like Bob Saget with Scott Baio hair.  His only saving grace was that he was a pretty impressive martial artist and the fight scenes were well choreographed.  Unfortunately the creative fight sequences were ruined by the unbelievable facial expressions and terrible acting. The main villain was most hilarious.  For some reason he had super strength and when he fought people, he was able to toss them as if he were a Marvel character.  To cap it off, the final fight scene may have been one of the most ridiculous final fight scenes that I have ever watched.  I’m not kidding.  It involves the main villain pulling a jeep into a crocodile pit by a rope while Wylde panics to try and start the jeep so that he can pull away instead of jumping out of the jeep that’s moving backwards 1 MPH.  It was amazing. How amazing?  This amazing:

So AOBG had this movie at the 100 spot right next to “Marked for Death” and “Dirty Harry”.  This is absurd.  So far, the top 100 list is not going well.  Stay tuned, in a few days I will announce what the net film is to watch, maybe you can watch it too!

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