New Shirt This Week!

   I’m finishing up the final touches on the new Seagal Shirt that’s in the works.  I currently have two Seagal shirts, but they are comical.  I figured it was time to make a serious version as part of the “Justice” series.  Some dudes are comical……some are all business.  This shirt will be for them.  
   The past few months I had been working on some jazz shirts, over the next few months the focus will be back on what we are all about…..action!

No more of this…
more of this.

Bring on the New Year!

    We hope everyone had a great Holiday this year.  We are eager to get started on some new designs for next year including, finally, black shirt designs!
    This Holiday was a busy one.  In case you are not familiar with the two most famous babies on baby products, there is:

The “Gerber” Baby
The “Super Sweet Shirt Co.” Baby, Jacob Lee Green.
    This year was pretty fun because our Nephew Jake was able to understand the joy of opening presents.  It was really funny to watch because I’m not sure if he actually understood that inside of each present, is a new toy or something for him.  To him, each present was a new and exciting opportunity to tear off wrapping paper.  Who cares whats in it?!

     I went home for Christmas eve and Christmas day to be with my parents and my sister who was home from California.  I was able to see a lot of family that I hadn’t seen in a while which was really nice.  Our Christmas morning has been the same since we were kids, the only difference is that instead of being a little kid wearing goofy pajamas and getting up really early to open gifts, my sister and I are in our early 30’s waking up early in goofy pajamas to open gifts.  It’s pretty awesome.

My sister getting more amazing pajamas for next Christmas morning.

Step-dad Henry with a new ornament to make the tree more manly.

All of the animals flock to my mother making it impossible to move or open gifts.

Christmas dinner with some cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Cousin Andy and his lady.

Some news….

   The eBay store has been overhauled and now has the feature to actually select a size instead of emailing me with a size after the purchase has been made.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much easier this will make things.  It is amazing how many people will order a shirt not knowing what size they are ordering, and just assuming I know which one they need.  Those days are over, now they can select the size and I will get it.
    My girlfriend Nicole has been jobless for a few months because she had been laid off and things were getting tough.  Not in our relationship or anything like that, but more her morale had been down from not being able to find a job.  Today she accepted a job offer in her field and things are now on the upswing. Tonight we are going to see a film downtown about the people from Burma moving to Buffalo.  We are really interested in seeing this movie because we actually live in the area  that they are all moving to.

Bronson Shirt!

   I am getting more and more excited as I have finished the rough draft for my screen.  Its almost done, I just need to do some cleaning up on photoshop.  I decided to go the route of my Vulcan shirt where I have something straight to the point below the famous vigilante: Justice.  I’m very anxious to get the screen done for this and to get this onto a shirt as soon as possible!


New T-shirt Designs on Hold.

    With the new house on the horizon and a planned trip out of town, I’ve decided I’m going to halt and new designs for my adult t-shirts until I get moved in to the new workspace.  My girlfriend had gotten me some awesome new equipment this past Christmas, so I want to start utilizing that.  This will also give me time to research and design my next shirt.  For years I have playing with the idea of making a shirt dedicated to the most unattractive action hero ever, Charles Bronson.  With unforgettable lines like, “Do you like Jesus? Well your about to meet him.”, Bronson was always one of my favorites and I have yet to find a shirt that does him justice.  All of the shirts I find are just different variations of the same image and I really want to try something different on this one.

   If you love action films and you want to see a film that has influenced a great deal of them, watch “Death Wish”.  To this day it is truly a masterpiece.  I will be posting updates of the artwork as it comes along. 


             For about 7 years I’ve have been stuck screen printing clothing out of my apartment, all too small to be performing such work in. Unsightly ink smudges all over the sink with screens and paper towel everywhere, after while it can drive someone nuts (my girlfriend).  Well, it looks like that’s all about to change as we are about to buy a house.

           After looking at a handful of houses that were just not for us, and one house that I was actually angry that they had the nerve to show us, this old house above ended up being the one that we both fell in love with.  It was built in 1880 and is loaded with potential but we all know potential means tons of work.  We decided to go with the 203k FHA loan which basically lets us take out extra money in  the mortgage so that we can make repairs, which in this case is the non-existent kitchen and the awful, unfinished, bathroom.  There is some sagging in the house from it being so old and our inspector also noticed some support beams in the basement that were unacceptable.  The original beams were rotted out completely and were no longer holding up the house like they were supposed to.  So with that information, we held our firm position in that we were not going to get the house unless the buyer repaired the beams.  Our overaggressive and sometimes offensive buyers agent went in full swing and before we knew it, the posts were already being repaired.  We go and look at the finished work Tuesday so we will see if they are done correctly.  The same people that did work on the rest of the house are fixing the posts which is sort of unnerving because the other work they did was terrible.  We shall see!  Can’t wait to fix up the new Super Sweet Shirt, Co. studio!

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