New T-shirt Designs on Hold.

    With the new house on the horizon and a planned trip out of town, I’ve decided I’m going to halt and new designs for my adult t-shirts until I get moved in to the new workspace.  My girlfriend had gotten me some awesome new equipment this past Christmas, so I want to start utilizing that.  This will also give me time to research and design my next shirt.  For years I have playing with the idea of making a shirt dedicated to the most unattractive action hero ever, Charles Bronson.  With unforgettable lines like, “Do you like Jesus? Well your about to meet him.”, Bronson was always one of my favorites and I have yet to find a shirt that does him justice.  All of the shirts I find are just different variations of the same image and I really want to try something different on this one.

   If you love action films and you want to see a film that has influenced a great deal of them, watch “Death Wish”.  To this day it is truly a masterpiece.  I will be posting updates of the artwork as it comes along. 

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