New Shirt-The Justice Series: Dirty Harry

The “Justice” series was something I started years ago when I created my first Charles Bronson shirt.  I have always had a love for vigilante movies and characters.  There is nothing like watching a guy take the law into his/her own hands to take out scum.

The Original Charles Bronson Justice Shirt



This month, we have released two more additions to this line.  The first is probably the nastiest bad ass there ever was – Dirty Harry.  This shirt is a great gift for any Clint Eastwood fan as there is nothing like it.  This one of a kind design is available in our Etsy Shop, eBay Store, and at

Mr. Majestyk? Totally Awesome.

    They pissed him off, over and over.  Treated unfairly by the cops, and pestered by local red necks, Bronson finally gets pushed over the edge when they unleash machine guns on his watermelons…yup.
This movie was totally awesome and is yet another Bronson movie worth watching.  Mr. Majestyk is a watermelon farmer, and of course a Vietnam vet.  That always seems to be the case.  Whenever a good person kicks the asses of criminals and scum bags, that hero always has a background in NAM.  This movie starts off setting the stage for Bronson defending migrant workers, with local rednecks trying to force him to use white laborers which eventually leads to him kicking someone’s ass and getting into trouble with the law.  Without giving away spoilers, Bronson gets involved with another guy who is also in trouble with the law, only this guy is a royal piece of garbage and a famous hitman who has a history of getting off on all charges.
This movie was pretty entertaining and there wasn’t a dull moment.  Great movie to watch on a rainy day and WAY better then “No Retreat No Surrender 2: Raging Thunder”.

Action Film Top 100: Mr. Majestyk

    The next film on the list that I’m watching is “Mr. Majestyk” starring the legendary Charles Bronson.
The description of the film is as follows:

“Cinema’s most rugged tough guy, Charles Bronson, threads his uncompromising coolness through a tight weave of car chases, shootouts and bare-knuckle brawling in this gritty, forceful action film (LA Herald-Examiner)! Bronson stars as Majestyk, an ex-con and Vietnam vet whose efforts to run a farm are thwarted by narrow-minded locals and corrupt cops. But when a Mafia hitman (Al Lettieri) destroys Majestyk’s crop, the farmer’s fuse is finally blown. With his rifle in hand and his girlfriend (Linda Cristal) at the wheel, he goes after the syndicate assassin. And from high-speed back-road chases to an explosive backwoods confrontation, mobster and maverick stalk each other: two of a kind, antagonists to the death.”

I haven’t been disappointed with a Bronson movie yet, even my wife sat through a few, one by herself.  Bronson had a series of films through “Cannon” that were really amazing (bad).  You can find montage’s of clips from these movies on you tube.  Here is  one of them and if this doesn’t make you want to watch them, you are in the wrong place.

A stop to the falls and finished in Toronto…unharmed.

    Our dinner party went well at Pearl Street.  It couldn’t have been a better choice for us and what we wanted to do.  I should have some pictures from that in a few days.  My step dad took all the shots because I was too busy sucking down beer (thanks, dude).  After dinner Nicole and I headed to Niagara Falls where we had a room overlooking the falls which was a gift from my parents.  The view was really amazing and had a hot tub and a fireplace.  It would be awesome if there was something that you could open to actually hear the falls.

    The next morning we had breakfast and headed to Toronto, a city neither of us had been to in quite some time.  We checked in and immediately wanted to head over to the Hockey Hall of Fame (priorities).  Everything was like ten minutes from our hotel so it was quite convenient.
    The Hall of Fame was pretty cool.  It didn’t have much Sabres stuff, it mostly had exhibits from teams that have achieved things; We got to see the Stanley cup which was super exciting.  Since we are from Buffalo, this is probably the closest we will get…
    They also had cool things for kids and man-kids to do like shoot pucks at a virtual goalie, or block shots from a puck machine.  I totally didn’t want to do it but Nicole made me.  It ended up being sort of fun though.

(Nicole’s Note: Remember when we had Danny Briere and they tried to keep Drury instead?  Where’s Drury?  We all know where Briere is: still LIGHTING IT UP. end rant.)

   The weather in Toronto was very Fall-like.  I was a bit chilly and did not pack correctly.  With the Eaton Center around the corner, it sounded like a good idea to go buy a sweatshirt.  We were able to find a sweatshirt and eat some lunch.  After, we took a stroll around the city and on the way back we noticed that there were about 100 cop cars near the Eaton Center and everything was roped off.  News reporters were all over and hordes of people surrounded the area looking to see what happened.  Apparently in the food court where we were eating, a maniac opened fire killing someone and injuring others.  As of right now, he has not been captured, and this morning the entire block was still roped off.  If only there was an architect present…

Flight takes off in an hour….off to Montreal!

New T-shirt Designs on Hold.

    With the new house on the horizon and a planned trip out of town, I’ve decided I’m going to halt and new designs for my adult t-shirts until I get moved in to the new workspace.  My girlfriend had gotten me some awesome new equipment this past Christmas, so I want to start utilizing that.  This will also give me time to research and design my next shirt.  For years I have playing with the idea of making a shirt dedicated to the most unattractive action hero ever, Charles Bronson.  With unforgettable lines like, “Do you like Jesus? Well your about to meet him.”, Bronson was always one of my favorites and I have yet to find a shirt that does him justice.  All of the shirts I find are just different variations of the same image and I really want to try something different on this one.

   If you love action films and you want to see a film that has influenced a great deal of them, watch “Death Wish”.  To this day it is truly a masterpiece.  I will be posting updates of the artwork as it comes along. 

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