Guilty Pleasure

   I have a new guilty pleasure as of late.  Months ago I had seen a trailer for MTV’s new TV show “Skins”.  The preview looked so unbelievably terrible that I momentarily became fascinated and decided to look up information about it online.  I found out that it was actually a remake of a version that aired for multiple seasons in the UK.  The reviews that I had read said that the UK version was edgy and would never be able to be aired in the US because of the content.  So I decided to watch the first season on Netflix.  As soon as I had finished the first episode, I knew that there would be no way I would ever watch the watered down US version, there would be no reason to. 
   The show is based around a group of kids, each of course loaded with their own problems and getting into their own ridiculous “real life” situations.  Doesn’t sound like anything special right?  As I got more and more into the first season it hit me as to why the show is so awesome.  Nicole was on the couch next to me as I was watching.  She was on her laptop not actually watching the show but peeking over at the TV occasionally and finally made a comment that pretty much summed up the show.  She said that the show is basically an R-rated Nickelodeon show.  That description is dead on.  If you ever wondered what a Nickelodeon show would be like with drug use, violence, strong sexual content, and low brow humor defiantly give the U.K. version of “Skins” a watch. It is bloody brilliant.

  I finished another model pic for the site that I thought came out well.  This one is for my Hemingway shirt where I have done some Photoshop stuff with a picture I shot of Nicole.

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