Slow week…

    Business has been good here at but I have been slowing any new designs, etc until after my trip from California.  The Dirty Harry shirt is defiantly next on my list and have already started working on the image.  In the mean time, here are some trailers for some things that I want to see coming out!

   Its been a while since we have seen Zach Braff in anything.  He looks pretty rough in this but the film looks pretty good.  
This movie looks decent also.  “Hanna” is a 14 year old trained killer raised by her father and is sent on a mission across Europe while being tracked by a ruthless intelligence agent.
    And now for a terrible movie that I will need to see:
This movie looks so bad that I have to see it.  The groundbreaking premise of this film is that this kid is bullied in school.  Stone Cold Steve Austin plays a Janitor that saves the kid from being picked on one day.  He notices that the kid is carrying a boxing magazine and from there they pretty much seem to recreate “The Karate Kid”.  Amazing.

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