A winterless winter.

    This winter has been sort of a bummer for me. I love the snow.  The majority of the people that i know find my viewpoint obnoxious because I work from home and don’t actually have to drive in it, braving the elements like most people.  With all of that being true, I still love the snow.  It’s January 11th and its sunny and gorgeous out, cold, but pleasant.  Last night, for the first time this winter, I was glad it was nice out.  We acquired a new grill from my parents for the holiday, and I was able to fire it up yesterday for the first time.  Besides making pizza’s, grilling is my favorite thing.  I pour myself a Firestone Walker IPA, bundle up, and stand outside like a man grilling meat…and it was fantastic and peaceful.  We just cooked a few boneless chicken breasts, but they turned out great.  As we close in on mid January, I think I’m OK with no more winter, its late enough where if it arrives it will be somewhat annoying.  Who am I kidding, we live in Buffalo.  We will get hit with something nasty before the winter is finished, I’d bet on it.

Brutal Buffalo Winters

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