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    Living in Buffalo, you get to hear all the stereotypes about our city, one in particular being the weather.  I’ll admit, there is a history to the weather stereotype but it isn’t nearly as bad as they make it out to be.  The past few years have been almost depressing with barely any snow and green holidays.  I couldn’t live in a state that didn’t get snow.
    This year was looking to be the same as last year with a lack of snow and unseasonably warm temperatures.  Until last night.  Finally we got trampled, as last night’s storm rampaged through the area dropping a foot of snow.  It was pretty awesome.  My wife doesn’t share my enthusiasm and thinks I’m crazy when I show genuine excitement at the opportunity to go shovel.  I love it.  As a child, you get to see the snow fall, you bundle up, and you go play outside.  As an adult, unless you have a kid, you can’t just bundle up and go play in the snow (unless you want your neighbors to think that you’re an idiot).  So you have to bundle up and go shovel, but I like it.  I like getting blasted in the face with fresh powder. I like the fact that I have snow and ice collecting in my beard while my nose runs uncontrollably.  Most of all, I love the feeling that you get when you finish shoveling, and you bundle up and sit on the couch with some hot chocolate or tea.

The Christmas season is over, so the blog posts will resume as regular from now on.  I will get back to blogging about shirt ideas, food recipes, beer, gadgets, and action movies.  My wife and I have started making new recipes for dinner at night.  I plan on blogging them with pictures to share our success and our failures.  Happy New Year!

-Super Sweet Shirt Co.

What was I saying about a winterless winter?

   Last night it was raining and after we went to bed the wind started to blow furiously.  Our house is old and when the wind gets really strong, it feels like our house is going to blow down.  Everything creaks, the windows make rattling sounds, and combined with the sounds from outside, it was tough to sleep.  When I awoke this morning, it was snowing and blowing pretty hard.  I stepped out onto the porch on my way to the backyard to let the dog do his business.  I noticed the blowing snow, the covered cars, the drifts, our shiny new stainless grill……wait a second…where is the grill cover I bought?  It must have blown away like a giant parachute.  I walked up and down the street this morning in pajamas hoping to find it and praying that I didn’t have to spend  30 bucks on another one.  No luck.  Defeated, I walked into the backyard with the dog and there it was!  Lesson learned.  Grill cover needs to be bungee’d down.  Remember two days ago when I wrote about a winterless winter?

A winterless winter.

    This winter has been sort of a bummer for me. I love the snow.  The majority of the people that i know find my viewpoint obnoxious because I work from home and don’t actually have to drive in it, braving the elements like most people.  With all of that being true, I still love the snow.  It’s January 11th and its sunny and gorgeous out, cold, but pleasant.  Last night, for the first time this winter, I was glad it was nice out.  We acquired a new grill from my parents for the holiday, and I was able to fire it up yesterday for the first time.  Besides making pizza’s, grilling is my favorite thing.  I pour myself a Firestone Walker IPA, bundle up, and stand outside like a man grilling meat…and it was fantastic and peaceful.  We just cooked a few boneless chicken breasts, but they turned out great.  As we close in on mid January, I think I’m OK with no more winter, its late enough where if it arrives it will be somewhat annoying.  Who am I kidding, we live in Buffalo.  We will get hit with something nasty before the winter is finished, I’d bet on it.

Brutal Buffalo Winters

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