What was I saying about a winterless winter?

   Last night it was raining and after we went to bed the wind started to blow furiously.  Our house is old and when the wind gets really strong, it feels like our house is going to blow down.  Everything creaks, the windows make rattling sounds, and combined with the sounds from outside, it was tough to sleep.  When I awoke this morning, it was snowing and blowing pretty hard.  I stepped out onto the porch on my way to the backyard to let the dog do his business.  I noticed the blowing snow, the covered cars, the drifts, our shiny new stainless grill……wait a second…where is the grill cover I bought?  It must have blown away like a giant parachute.  I walked up and down the street this morning in pajamas hoping to find it and praying that I didn’t have to spend  30 bucks on another one.  No luck.  Defeated, I walked into the backyard with the dog and there it was!  Lesson learned.  Grill cover needs to be bungee’d down.  Remember two days ago when I wrote about a winterless winter?

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